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10 Replies to “Demon King Tanjiro Discussion | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba”

  1. 9:09 I don't think that's a good idea by Tanjiro having to bring back the deceased pillars as New Demon Guards. We are forgetting one very important thing about storytelling. Tanjiro is now a demon but still himself. Right now he is going through the demonification stage in which he is blood starved. However, I believe if Nezuko speaks to him he will come to his senses or maybe just hurt her but not kill her. He might runaway still feral and crazed but will later have an internal battle with Muzan and himself. Now, remember Tanjiro now has Muzan's memories, blood, power, and cells. I believe that over time he will internally keep fighting the presence of Muzan within him and he might maybe even eventually understand and feel sorry for what Muzan went through to try to survive but never forgive his cruelty for humanity. Thus he will vow to have his now indestructible body destroyed and rid of himself or Muzan.

    Now here is where things could actually make a whole lot of sense or even proceed wonderfully for the story. Tanjiro now having Muzan's life memories could now find out what or who gave him the medicine that turned him in to a demon (I'm looking at you Mr. mysterious doctor). Also if the rare Blue Spider Lily plant was something that Muzan seeked. What did he want with it. It was mentioned that the doctor told Muzan that if he found the flower it will heal his sick body. But was that all? That was experimentation medicine that was administered to Muzan before he killed the doctor. Was/is that doctor still alive. Is he a demon? Was he given the recipe for this medicine by demons. Is there actual demons that existed in the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

    If any of these thoeries prove true, What we will have is the Demon Slayer Corps. chasing Tanjiro with Nezuko probably following. And Tanjiro (trying to control of the Muzan within) learning of the existence of the doctor or actual demons living and feeding on humanity (maybe around the World too). The use of the Blue Spider Lily which could play a part. Tanjiro will still be fighting for the Demon Slayers but something like when if the demon slayers encounter demons and is about to be killed or overwhelmed the "Immortal Demon Tanjiro" will arrive and kill the demon and then disappear in an Alucard or Batman fashion IDK. And with that the series can time skip.

  2. if tanjiro becomes the new villain maybe his goal could be to perfect the blue spider lily so demons won’t need blood to survive leading humanity to immortality or something

  3. I wonder what his blood demon art will be, probably will have something to do with manifesting all the demon slayers breath arts kinda like becoming the natural disaster that Muzan wanted to be, creating breaths in physical form like creating water waves, fire manifestation, or earthquakes

    outside of that if he comes to his senses he'll probably will try to revive the other pillars as his blood demon moons taking partially Muzan's side knowing unless the blue water lily is found,& destroyed the possibility of another demon king can always appear in the world, so unless he takes up Muzan's mission, be the Demon king maintaining order until he can destroy the true source of what created demons all the demon slayers fighting would be in vain

  4. I just hope they dont turn him human again it would be much more interesting to see how the story progresses with him as a demon.

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