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43 Replies to “D1Verse Debut Trailer "PANTHEON"”

  1. Thực sự RBW cho D1Verse những MV chất lượng thấp và…rẻ tiền hơn hẳn các nghệ sĩ Hàn cùng công ty họ, vừa xem lại debut trailer của Oneus, và MV LIT của họ thấy chênh lệch quá

  2. Góp ý là Đức nhìn nghiêng sẽ đẹp hơn chứ nhìn thẳng vào máy vậy hơi kì nha Đức.

  3. Mình có linh cảm nhóm này sẽ có thể là nổi tiếng nhất Việt Nam cũng đình đám nhất Việt Nam

  4. Cái này chỉ là video trailer thôi! Chưa có M/V Teaser mà các bn phán như thánh thì t cũg chịu 😞

  5. Look, I don’t mean to be a downer again. But coming back to this, I not only still think that the debut is rushed, but I realized that RBW SERIOUSLY are planning to debut them DURING A BTS COMEBACK. That is the worst and most utterly ignorant business decision someone could ever make.

  6. Some vpop mvs arent more expensive but they look more beautiful. Some expensive ones dont look as good as the cheaper ones. For example, zero9 mvs :"pom", "why" cost 1 billion , but dont look good as Ke cap trai tim, or Monstar's mvs. I think Ke cap trai tim mv isnt more expensive, but it has creativities, good sets, good camera angles, better color, better edit. Maybe RBW doesnt know what looks good in vietnamese standard? The only things look good in this mv are their visuals. And next mv, they should hire a vietnamese ekip to make mv or hire a vietnamese brand to sponsor the mv, the quality will be better with less cost because everything is more expensive in korea.

  7. Nah, I'm from VIETNAM ^^ I found out this group accidentally months ago. From the beginning, I soon knew that this group won't go so far in Vietnam market. Why? Because of your unconsciousness of everything about this group. From the proccess of finding trainees (most of them from begining just a average-looking boys in Vietnam with little tallent, sorry to say that but it's fact: there's a flood of more potential teenagers in Vietnam that can easily find if the company invests enough efforts), the training trainees proccess (an idol group which is trained for NEARLY 1 YEAR ONLY? ), to the quality of the MV (which is reflected by the trailer). Everything is so RIDICULOUS.

    V-pop has been so underrated that you don't need to invest too much to your products? (which was initially aimed to attacked V-pop?) Well, let's straightforward: if your products keep going on like this without changing, they will definitely FLOP., from my sincerity.

    Why? Another "why". Well, because there's a hundreds of V-pop songs that have much higher quality than this (from music, backgrounds, resolutions, marketing stragedies, creativities,…). Vietnamese singers are really talented and financially invest very much on their products, do you dare to say that those members in D1verse who has been trained from nearly zero in 1 year can defeat them?………..NO.

    Don't just consider that Vietnam has quite huge number K-pop fan so that you can easily conquer the market, you're wrong. Many youngsters now prefer V-pop than K-pop.

    In a nutshell, don't consider us, V-pop as a ridiculous game, be more and more serious with your products, please.

  8. Bao giờ video teaser mà lên thịnh hành thì nhóm mới nổi ở VN được nên 25 mọi người like share nhiệt tình,ủng hộ nhóm VN đi đừng dập tắt những cố gắng suốt thời gian qua của d1verse,nhóm này mà nổi có khi thay đổi bộ mặt VN chứ ballad hoài cũng chán

  9. Hey everyone, let's give this debut lots of attention. Let's prove to RBW that it's worth it to invest in this group and not ignore them or treat them worse than their Korean labelmates. If we show interest and stream and share, maybe RBW will realize how much more potential this group has. Let's do our best to support the boys!

  10. I really hope that people don't let the poor video quality stop them from giving this group a chance. They have worked so hard and they are too talented to be ignored. They really deserve all the support they can get. I can't wait for their debut. I'm sure it will be amazing no matter what!

  11. Mình đã hi vọng chất lượng vd tốt hơn 🙁 chỉ muốn nói với các anh là debut thành công thôi. D1verse fighting ❤

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