Curley Gao's husky voice is amazing. Isn't this the Grammys? 希林小烟嗓绝了 这真的不是格莱美现场吗? | 创造营 CHUANG 2020

《创造营2020 CHUANG2020》是由腾讯视频出品的能量女团成长综艺,致力于充分展现女孩们自信勇敢、拼搏向上的元气能量和青春态度。节目将召集百余位学员,通过任务、训练、考核,让她们在五位明星教练的带领和引导下成长进步,最终成团。

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49 Replies to “Curley Gao's husky voice is amazing. Isn't this the Grammys? 希林小烟嗓绝了 这真的不是格莱美现场吗? | 创造营 CHUANG 2020”

  1. I am in love with cutlet gao's voice, I even don't know that how many times I have listened this song,I am the biggest fan of curley gao, keep it up and make people happy by your voice!!!

  2. I love chuang 2020,all the videos are great,I really get satisfied after listening to this song,I want to listen it again and again, if I don't listen to this song even one day then my day won't get completed, is anyone other facing the same disease hit the like button for curley gap!!!

  3. How can anyone dislike this so sweet and heart touching voice,such a hard work by curly gap and I love your songs, I am a big fan of you, I love your songs keep it up

  4. She's amazing, her vocals; from the range to control it's amazing. Not to mention the emotion, heart and soul she puts in every performance 😭💖

  5. 希林這段歌曲我無限循環一直聽.今天特意去搜尋someone you loved 原唱跟翻唱.都沒人唱得比她好.希林 Curley Gao !妳超級棒!加油!

  6. It's already been altogether more than 50 times im watching it 😂😂😂I love her voice may be now it is 57😂😂sounds disgusting but it is😂😂😂

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