Coronavirus press conference (22 April 2020)

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6 Replies to “Coronavirus press conference (22 April 2020)”

  1. more porky pies……….. there spending millions deleting online comments
    sage spreadsheets to base policy
    flu-vaccine might be a different brand this year hay!!!!

  2. i wish someone at the press would ask the questions people actually want answers to. For example WHY are we having a lockdown when AIRPORTS are still open and people are entering the country unchecked and without quarantine? Why werent stocks of extry PPE ordered BEFORE we were inundated with the virus? Why were the airports and ferry terminals NOT closed IMMEDIATELY in an effort to prevent the disease even REACHING our shores? WHY are we also PAYING to bring people BACK to the UK that DIDNT BOTHER staying at home or coming home when this was first announced? Do places like New Zealand not HAVE doctors? And WHY if they are asked a question that needs a fairly simple (almost a yes or no style) answer, do we get a lot of WAFFLE that does everything BUT answer the questions asked? im sure i could think of many more questions if i bothered to actually consider it properly!

  3. Press questions, if they ask one more time when we’ll have an inkling of an idea of an ease in restrictions I will stop watching. SKY news we don’t want you ask this question over and over. It’s embarrassing.

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