One of my most unforgettable moments is hunting clouds in Da Lat. The place is located at Cau Dat Tea Hill which is about 23km southeast from Da Lat. The view was magnificent! I highly recommend you to experience this. Disclaimer: Clouds may appear depending on the day you go, that’s why it’s called “cloud hunting”. I went cloud hunting in March and the weather was perfect 🙂

The second place I visited was Da Lat’s lost railroad. It was built by the French in 1903, and it took nearly 30 years to finish. This 84-kilometer track frequently transported fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers to the coast, shuttling tourists back in the other direction. It’s somewhat romantic yet mysterious at the same time. Another free location that you might want to check out!

I found a very great local Mi Quang place, and it was located at 14A Yersin street. By the way, Dr. Yersin was the founder of the site for the new town of Da Lat in 1893. Mi Quang noodle soup includes shrimp, quail eggs, pork and served with herbs and Vietnamese crackers. The dish is commonly served with a small amount of broth, which is generally infused with turmeric and it’s so tasty! Must try!

Da lat is known for beautiful pine trees and perfect weather. This city is the one place in Vietnam where you can experience all seasons in one day. Spring in the morning, summer at midday, fall in the evening, and winter at night. The weather is perfect for anyone who is looking to escape the tropical heat of Vietnam. Hiking around Tuyen Lam Lake is great! You can also see the sunset at Tuyen Lam lake as well and it was stunning!

The coffee shop that I mentioned in the video was Tui Mo To, Hẻm 31 Sào Nam, Phường 11, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng. It’s very cozy and romantic! You can see the beautiful bird’s eye views of Da Lat. The drink prices are pretty affordable (55,000vnd-85,000vnd). Very chill and romantic place!

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  1. Vô tình gặp gỡ rồi lại mang nhiều mộng mơ,thấy video thú vị với chủ kênh xinh quá nên đăng ký theo dõi luôn 🤣

  2. Những clip về văn hóa 🇻🇳 rất hay. "Dám cạnh tranh food với McFarlin"😄😄😄😄😄😄.

  3. The clouds look super cool! I’ve never seen anything like that. Mi Quang is my all time favorite dish I request my mom to make on my birthday. I love following you on your journeys!

  4. Great accent, I watched almost your videos to find out you are Vietnamese or a foreigner? Lol

    Keep making more video and I am sure your channel will improve a lot.

  5. I like your voice, and I like your video too. You makes me want to visit Vietnam right away

  6. I'm currently traveling during this time also, we are very lucky to be able to travel and enjoy the peaceful beautiful sceneries while international tourism is kept out for now.

  7. Da lat is very beautiful.. just like your beautiful voices… love those mi quang. Love your YouTube videos….Keep it up!!

  8. Thanks for showing the splendid view of Da Lat. I've been in the city a few times but never thought of cloud hunting. Hope to see more your videos to show the world how beautiful Vietnam is. You're so pretty and impressive.

  9. Thank you Van for sharing such spectacular landscapes with us. Introducing plenty of signature Vietnamese cuisine and spots to people around the world. So proud of you. Keep up your great work!

  10. yeahhh Van "OMG +thumbs up"😁😉👍🏼" great video as usual… i ve been already and its one of my best city with area Danang. peace

  11. Amazing video! BTW, Dalat is my fav as well. I visited there a couple of years ago. I adore its atmosphere and nature.

  12. Great video, l love Da Lat, your pictures bring back many good memories, so many good restaurants… 😭 I miss it! Hotel du Parc, a perfect place for a comfortable stay.
    PS: Dealing with background noises in public places can be tough, especially in VN… That being said, it is perfectly acceptable. You are getting better all the time.

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