CIA founder William Donovan was the DuPont Lawyer during 1934 Munitions Hearings



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4 Replies to “CIA founder William Donovan was the DuPont Lawyer during 1934 Munitions Hearings”

  1. thx for this interesting documentary. Donovan did represent Dupont when Dupont was sellling munitions to fascist Italy and Wild Bill is the Father of the CIA but he wasn't our Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg. He was the aide to the Chief Prosecutor who got fired (resigned) after 6 weeks and Alfred Krupp was a war criminal but he didn't get off free. He got 10 years and served 5. His early release was a political/economic consideration in 1950. We were in a Cold War with Stalin, Berlin was ground zero, Germany had to be rebuilt in a HURRY and Krupp was the one who could do it. Krupp meant more to Germany than Ford-Dupont-Rockerfeller meant to the US combined. SEE The Arms of Krupp by Manchester. The Krupps made the Duponts look like choir boys

  2. I wish I could have known you years ago. I needed someone to help me out some. I had a website that was getting 100000 hits a day. I worked to much to keep it going. Then when I got hacked, the wheels just really fell off. But if I could have gotten just a little help running it and contributing good material and research, we would both be able to do this full time 10 hours a day and not have to work a job. Cause I know you are probably like me, where you work at least 8-10 hours a day, and THEN come home and do research. So a 10 hour work day would probably be nothing, especially if the whole day was spent working on research and making this kind of material.

    While I may have a disagreement with you here and there, you still do some great research that I respect more than most.

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