Christophe Maé – La vie d'artiste (Live) – Le Grand Studio RTL

Invité du “Grand Studio RTL” Christophe Maé interprète le titre “La vie d’artiste”.

“Le Grand Studio RTL” est une émission présentée par Eric Jean-Jean.
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18 Replies to “Christophe Maé – La vie d'artiste (Live) – Le Grand Studio RTL”

  1. Ну, почему, вы не приезжаете к нам в Одессу??? Моя "безответная любовь" длится уже, почти 15 лет!

  2. Awesome wonderful performer love him. He knows his voice is not perfect it cracks once in a while but he embraces it his performances are so good I don't even speak French but I have every album I like him that much. I hope he comes to the San Diego I miss him in Irvine had to work and 2 hour drive to get there.

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