Chrigel Maurer: How To Win At Hike & Fly

Join us for an enlightening discussion with a very special pilot. Christian ‘Chrigel’ Maurer is #1 in the world: multiple European champion, PWC champion, Acro champion, and 6 x Red Bull Xalps winner. This guy knows his flying, especially hike and fly! We talk about how to win, taking risks, balancing flying, work and family, best gear for racing … and much more.

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Thanks to Chrigel Maurer, Advance Paragliders, and Cross Country Magazine.

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22 Replies to “Chrigel Maurer: How To Win At Hike & Fly”

  1. Excellent interview Greg. I love your style and ability to really ask poignant questions and let Chrigel talk without interrupting!

  2. Greg's sense of humor: To Chrigel: "So who are you, and what do you know about hike&fly?" LMAO 🙂

  3. Thanks Greg for this vid and the interesting statements! Well – there's one thing missing – Chrigel should have told you. We do not land in upright grass here in Switzerland 😉

  4. Such a great interview! Thanks Greg and Flybubble for sharing Maurer thoughts with us! You guys rock! Cheers and safe landings

  5. Thank you Greg for this great interview. We can also observe the mastery and the correctness of Chrigel in the way of answering your questions. Very subtle and always looking for the right balance. Thanks again

  6. All the best for xPyr Greg. And thanks for this interview with the master. I'm born in the Pyrenees and even if I live in Asia, those mountains are my roots and my anchor. I hope you will enjoy it and be in symbiosis with the beautiful Pyrenees, then the Pyrenees will give you back this love and energy and will help you win! Fly fast and safe (and as straight as possible 😉 as the master said )

  7. Great interview and a brilliant set of questions. Chrigel is like a Swiss watch, perfect timing and always accurate.

  8. Lovely interview Greg!
    I have a technical question if you were so kind,
    Recently I’ve seen many videos where pilots apply full speed bar before landing and keep steering with the brakes, including chrigel, specially on up-sloping landings.
    Can we please get some theory in this respect? Seems overly interesting.

  9. Such a great guy. Very interesting interview. You can really see the amount of focus he has, the high level of planning and the determination to win.

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