Chase Get Guest DJ Khaled's GOLDEN BUZZER On America's Got Talent

Watch DJ Khaled press his GOLDEN BUZZER for Chase Goehring on America’s Got Talent. What did you think of his performance? Let us know in the comments below..

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31 Replies to “Chase Get Guest DJ Khaled's GOLDEN BUZZER On America's Got Talent”

  1. I'm here in 2021 cause I rememberd this and omggg this song is golden I forgot how much I loved it who's with me

  2. What makes him so good is not his voice, which is excellent btw, but just the fact that he is vibing. He's enjoying himself, which always brings out the best in a person.

  3. Who else’s little sister memorized every word to this video because she was obsessed with this song 3 years ago and watched it all the time.😀

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