BTS Online Live Concert! BANG BANG CON The Live

Hey everyone, I’m back with another BTS update video. Today we are talking about BTS and BigHit announcing an exclusive online live concert! BANGBANGCON THE LIVE is coming on June 14!

BTS Map Of The Soul Tour 2020 Live

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  1. A BTS LIVE CONCERT FROM THEIR ROOM!! Thanks for watching!
    Support me through Patreon. I am reacting to Run episodes, Bon Voyage, Bring The Soul:

  2. Part of me is so glad it's for a price, because I was panicking like, "I HAVEN'T BEEN SEEING THIS OFTEN BUT WHAT'S GOING ON- I DIDN'T KNOW AND I'M NOT READY- I DON'T HAVE SNACKS-" but now I don't have to freak out…
    On the other side, tho…

  3. Where did it take place and what app or what website and how did Others get the info 😔😔I literally don’t know anything 😂😔

  4. I am new ARMY so I don’t really know how long their concerts are. I bought the bang bang con tickets few days ago. I want to know how much time is this going to be for?

  5. Well i am too late, i missed the live because i was visiting a deceased relative, thankfully, some Co-Armies found the recorded live. later, when i was looking for the video from the live *POOF!* gone…. I just found out that some K-ARMYS are reporting the video of the recorded live and i was *heartbroken*, i was so sad that i couldn't watch the live and see my boys

  6. when you get to know your parents arent gonna pay $26.06 for the livestream im kinda mad at them to not tell about it before…cuz i was so excited for it, but my mum isnt gonna pay and i missed BANG BANG CON 1…

  7. hello Army can you plz tell mee has any 1 bought the BANGBANGCON ticket????? if yes then how??????,,, bcz in PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 there is no pay pal , so how I buy it??????

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