Britzone Class LIVE – Influencer, Endorser, And Buzzer in Digital Space

Britzone’s Saturday Class presents :

Influencer, Endorser, And Buzzer in Digital Space by Astari Yanuarti l
OC Indonesia Youth IGF

Currently, our government is actively using influencer services as a key opinion leader in cyberspace to attract public attention to build information networks that affect socio-economic and political activities. But on the other hand, there are those who consider it the same as using a buzzer service.

So, what exactly are influencers? What makes it different from buzzers and endorsers? What are the positive and negative impacts of influencers? You will find out all the answers in our class. Let’s join by registering via this link

Date : Saturday, 26th September, 2020
Time : 11.00 am – 12.30 pm
Platform : Zoom Meeting


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