Breakup Advice: An Easy Trick To Get Over Someone In 15 Minutes!

Dumped or rejected by your crush or boyfriend? Or maybe you’re just upset about something else? Here’s the super simple phrase I tell myself to move on from the hurt and start feeling better within 15 minutes!

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49 Replies to “Breakup Advice: An Easy Trick To Get Over Someone In 15 Minutes!”

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  2. Hey, Shallon! I love your videos — you give such good advice! Can you please do a video on how to deal with a BFF break up? Thanks!

  3. Did they tell about the people who also tried 'law of attraction' to fix their illness, but they died? NO. But there are those. They skipped traditional treatment in belief that "the secret" is all they need. I would never suggest such a method for anyone as a cancer treatment, except those who are in last stages and have nothing to lose can try it all they can. Positivity is a good thing and stress adds to health problems, just saying – not everything is fixable.

  4. How to meet and start dating a shy guy. I mean I'm a junior and I wan to start getting into the dating game but it's hard.

  5. Heres my question: Me and my current Best friend ever are friends with this other girl who take things why to seriously and all ways takes things the wrong way like I was like "I really gtg ttyl" she responds with" you really hate me that much" idk what I said but she is pissed off what should I do

  6. Please help! Im a virgin and this guy a couple years older wants to have sex with me and I told this guy friend that I've not known for very long but that I really trust about the older guy and he got really protective and was like please don't lose it to him I will have sex with you just so you don't lose it to him please don't lose it to him – my friend doesn't know the older guy and we've not known each other for that long so why does he care who I lose it to? Xxx

  7. I've been liking this guy,and I herd that he likes me to,and he still hasn't started a long conversation with me only a little here or their,what does this mean?is he interested in getting into a relationship,or is just shy??

  8. Hey Shallon, I'm in a situation where I could really use some advice.

    I've been with my bf for 3 years, we decided to go to separate universities. They aren't unreasonably far from each other but we don't know if we're gonna stay together. We do love each other but at the same time we don't want the relationship to take away from either of our college experiences.
    What should we do?

  9. Hey Shallon, love your videos, big question for you…I'm 19 and I've been dating this guy for a little over 6 months and I was never really attracted to him physically but I love his personality and honestly I love the attention I get from him. But like I don't even want to have sex anymore. He keeps talking about me moving in with him and in my mind this is not forever but he is older and he wants a commitment and I'm not ready. I just don't really have any reason to break things off and I kinda tried but I feel like I'll never meet anyone as nice to me but I'm kinda over it. How can I end things and not go crawling back to him when I miss him? And what reason can I give him to end things?

  10. Hi shallon, i am a big fan , that is why i was wondering …are you going to keep making video's?because i really love them !!thanks for everything ! You helped me so much with your video's, so …can we expact more video's? ❤❤

  11. Hi Shallon! I hope everything is going ok. It seems like you're staying strong and trying hard to get through 🙂 If you don't mind I have a question but this may not mean anything at all since I don't have any luck with guys. Late at night I met this really cute guy at Waffle House. (I felt awkward because I didn't really look my best that night) lol anyway he was talking to another costumer about what he wants to do with his life but was really goofy when telling the story. When the waffles were done, I didn't give him a chance to bag the food and grabbed them too early, But he was very nice and was like "Here let me bag that for you." I guess he noticed that I felt weird and a little embarrassed but he just looked at me and we both laughed. Then he asked me what my name was. When I replied "Faith", he said, "Faith? Alrighty Faith. I hope you come again soon…You have a safe night out there ok?."…so uh….he's just keeping it professional right? Like why the heck did I feel so happy and giggly inside when I shouldn't be?

  12. Shallon, I need help! so I met this guy in the Bahamas and ever since then we have been snap chatting. This past friday we made plans to hang out and then he texted me "I don't think I will be able to, there is a huge party" and then he told me "you should come". But he never ended up going. so he resceduled to this past Sunday. it was his friends and their girlfriends and me. We all hung out on the lake and he bought me lunch and dinner. he was always like rub my legs or pick me up and then we kissed in his room and his friends were in another room,, so when we came out and I said goodbye to everyone they were laughing but then they said goodbye. He said that maybe he could come up and see me this week. But now he hasn't mentioned it. What do I do? I'm scared he doesn't like me. I leave for a trip saturday and he knows that! But I also just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and like I snapped him back and was like "you should come over and help me" and he responded "I have football everyday" but the only reason I mentioned him coming over is because he has done something like that to me before. But we are still snapchatting. I dont know what he wants. Please tell me what to do!!

  13. I snuck out to see my boyfriend and I was with him for not even 10 minutes when the cops came and forced us to call our parents. I'm always working and yesterday was my day off so I thought I could see him since I work night but everything went bad my dad is so disappointed and idk if he wants me seeing my boyfriend anymore what do I do. My boyfriend got his phone taken away so I can't talk to him for the rest of summer

  14. Hey Shallon! Quick question, I have this crush and we have a good connection from our vacation, but problem is that we haven't talked since the last time we texted and I left him on open. He always watches my snap story but never reaches out. Does he not like me anymore or wants me to be the first to text him?

  15. Ever since I found you're YouTube a couple years channel I've literally been binge watching your videos on repeat. I honestly live by your words and advice, Shallon. You're like my life guide. I truly admire you.

    Now I've got a little problem of my own. I have a guy friend who I've known literally since birth. Our families know each other and we often celebrate holidays together (such as New Years etc). I guess we both have had secret crushes on each other on and off trough out the years but none of us ever declared any feelings or so. To make a long story short he basically texted me a week or two ago, telling me he had feelings for me. Sadly, the feelings aren't mutual. I haven't had a crush on him since I was about 11 years old (I'm 17 now) nor will I ever have a crush on him again (I'm pretty sure). However, he also said in the text that he really wanted to stay friends even though my feelings towards him wasn't mutual. I don't know if he meant it or not, but the thing is that I really want to be friends with him too. He's really the sweetest guy ever, and even if I wanted to ignore him – I can't. Our families still do things together, we go to the same school and have some mutual friends.

    Unless I don't ask him to meet up I know for sure he won't dare to ask me – since he always has been the one to ask me to hang out and now he doesn't want to seem clingy (plus I rejected him).
    I would really like to meet with him before our families meet or the school starts again so it doesn't have to be so awkward with everyone else around.

    So my questions basically are: Where/what should we do if we meet up? How should I act? And most importantly: WHAT THE HECK SHOULD WE TALK ABOUT?? (Should I act like nothing has happened or should we talk about it and so on)

    PS: Keep doing what you do Shallon, you're doing amazing sweetie!! I love you so much

  16. Shallon, you are making my love life better & better every day with your videos. Thank you for that! Stay with us please. You can make thru all ups and downs – I'm sure.

  17. Shallon, may you please help me? My boyfriend is younger than me and we were pretty in love. Recently he started acting strange. Like he showed all the signs of not liking me. And I waited for him to tell me, but he kept saying that he loved me but I could tell he was lying more and more and he finally did and said he fell out of love with me. What does that mean? Is there a way he will come back and maybe a way I could get him back?

  18. Hey Shallonnnn love you videos and I hope you won't mind my very long story/question. So there's this guy in my group of friends from Uni. He treats me differently from all his other girl friends: he makes fun of them, he's playful and you could even say 'flirty' while when it comes to me he's always so nice and polite, almost shy. A few weeks ago, while drunk, we made out but the next day when I texted him to know how to act at uni with everyone else he told me he's not looking for a relationship. So I decided to act like nothing happened. Last night we went to the club with a group of friends and grinded on each other the whole night. He kept telling me I'm impossible to resist and we even talked about relationships, about why I'm generally into assholes and about how he wants to stop being a fuckboy. All of this again while drunk. Now I don't know what to do. I'm usually not the relatioship type either and I wouldn't mind keeping this a casual hookup but on the other hand I've never been this attracted to someone before and I'm scared I might develop feelings and end up getting really hurt. What do you think?

  19. i am happy you are back !!!! i missed your video's, can you help me? i am in love with a guy i used to know . i was in love with him back then and we have been chatting again and i realize that i am still in love with him, but i am scared that he will reject me again , what should i do??i really love him !! he is everything i have ever dreamed of , you have this dreamguy in your head and that is exactly him! help…

  20. Hey shallon, I have the biggest question ever and the last time I asked you something it worked so well. However this story is extremely long and I'm not sure I can write it all over YouTube. How do I privately message you because I really need insight and have nobody to talk to or ask about this situation 🙁

  21. Hey Shallon, a few hours ago i sent u a snap about me and my ex.

    First i'll tell you about the situation.
    A few months a go i first saw this boy and i really liked his appearance. Big smile, green bright eyes and dark hair. Basically everything i physically like in a boy. We had eyecontact and smiled at eachother… I made it clear that i was atracted to this boy. So the next time he and his friend saw me and my best friend they approached us and we directly went on a date. Thats where it all started.

    After that we just dated and began a relationship.

    3 weeks after we made official that we would be gf and bf i broke up with him.

    It was a very stupid reason, but he kept talking to a lot of girls and acted like they we 'friends'. But i just knew he liked the attention.

    But it wasnt only that he wasnt ready, he's also 16 (just like me) and he never made me feel appreciated and just loved.

    Two weeks ago i broke up with him. Although it was a very short period of having a relationship it was very very hard for me. We meeted everyday and it made me very happy, but at the same time there were way too many things that irritated me so we fought a lot.

    After the break up he kept coming to places where he'd know i'd be and he didnt come alone. 🙁 He always took girls with him and sat in front of me. Thats so childish!! So the 4th time he came i couldnt control my temper and we had an argument.

    After the argument he tried to come again but he realised i was ignoring him and i acted like just wasnt even there. He gave up.

    But i ( being the stupid, emotional me… ) texted him and told him i missed him 5 days ago. The night he read that he actually reacted quite positive, but he didnt tell me he missed me too. He was kind of hesitative. The next day he told me we couldnt have a relationship anymore. I reacted very good and told him i understand him and that we should both do our own things. I told him i needed someone who could go a 100% for me.

    So then i expected him to never ever talk to me again. But today he texted me and asked me the most stupid question ever.

    Im moroccan and he hangs out with moroccans guys. So he dmed me on instagram ( without being friends) and asked me what a word in moroccan meant 😑😑😑😑 So i just reacted in the most cold way and only said what it meant. After i answered he said thankyou with a blush smiley and a laughing smiley. I asked him we he asked that and he answered: nvm. After that i just deleted the conversation and said nothing.

    I mean what the actual fuck does this boy want from me.

    I watched your how to get over a heart break video of a few months ago and i had the little funeral yesterday night. But now he is just fucking up everything by talking to me once again.

    I guess u would already know i still LOVE him and want him back otherwise i wouldnt send you this message and i would just brutally ignore his mean ass.

    I never date boys my age because i know they arent emotionally as far as i am and i hate that. So now i have tried it and he doesnt know what he is doing with my heart 🙁

    My questions to you are:
    What do you think is going on in his head and why did he ask me such a stupid question?
    What can i do to make him want me more?
    Do you think i can get him back?
    What can i say to start a conversation if that is possible?

    I basically just need some advice on how i should talk and act around this little boy. Im just very curious if i can make him a little more mature.

    I feel like i know what u are going to say but my heart is just aching so much and i need someone professional to tell me what is going on and what i should do.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long, basic ass story. ( i hope you dont mind my bad english )

    Kisses Amira 😚

  22. Shallon, my ex boyfriend and I broke up because he had a child and I realized that the relationship wasn't for me because I was too young to take on a step mom role. I was also moving to another state when I graduate anyways. When I broke up with him I was still very much in love with him. (Right person wrong time sort of thing) I graduate in December and he said he would be open to still hang out and enjoy each others company until I leave. Do you think this would be detrimental knowing we both have an expiration date?

  23. hey shallon, so happy you're back💛💛i need some advice. i'm a high schooler and always find myself comparing myself to others and feeling like i don't fit in. all of my friends keep asking me what boys i'm talking to or who i'm "going for." i'm embarrassed to say that i'm not. no boys are talking to me because i don't drink or mess with e-cigarettes and i'm not as skinny as everyone else. i'm trying to use the healing to make myself feel better, but i just can't seem to stop comparing myself to others. thanks💋

  24. SHALLON, can you do a video about how you use the law of attraction, like a more specific video about your experiences? i've recently started using it and i love how it works! and it really motivates me to see other people using it, and i think its amazing that you use it because i've been watching you forever! i truly think its a sign that u made this video because everyday i learn more and the fact that you mentioned the secret is like omg! i love you❤️

  25. Skip right to the end of manifestation!! (and any problem) With gratitude and belief that it already happened! that's f**ing *brilliant!!

    God bless you Shallon! I know you'll find good and lasting love with your wise heart. 💖😊

  26. How do you get yourself to stop having hope for getting back together? My ex and I have been a part for a month and I've been feeling better but a part of me still hopes he'll come back, but then I realize he won't and it just makes me even more sad. How can I get rid of this false hope?!

  27. Hi Shallon!! 10/10 video as always. I had noticed in the past few years that you've briefly brought up The Secret and the method of Ask Believe Receive and I was wondering if you could make a whole video about that? You really have accomplished so much and it'd be a pleasure to learn what that truly means from you. Thank you!

  28. Hi Shallon I contacted u earlier and u told me to come to ur YouTube channel. I hu w this guy 2 and he was my first kiss and stuff but now he won't even respond to me snap (not snaps). And I think he just wanted it to kind of be a hookup. How do I make him want me?

  29. Yay Shallon! You're back! I have a question. The guy I have a crush on told me that I'm like his little sister. I know this is bad news, but is there any coming back from that?

  30. SHALLON I MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, SO GLAD YOURE BACK AND WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (im v excited as you can see 🙂 )

  31. Hey shallon! Love you so so so so much so happy you are back! I just wanted you to know im so proud of you for keeping a good mindset and staying strong along the way!❤️❤️
    I wanted to ask if we can get a real talk vid about how to be sexy in a hookup. I really need to know! Love you so much!

  32. yesssss! a new video! so happy about it, I was starting to miss you dear! I always do positive affirmations and I also keep with me some photos to remind myself of my goals passions and the things that make me happy!

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