Break Up Advice: How To Get Over A Guy You Never Actually Dated

Sometimes the hardest guy to get over is the guy you never actually dated. When you’re broken hearted, people ask: how long were you together? It’s embarrassing when the answer is: you weren’t. But it’s harder to get over a crush than a boyfriend! Here’s how to move on from a fling, a crush or a guy who wasn’t actually your boyfriend.

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21 Replies to “Break Up Advice: How To Get Over A Guy You Never Actually Dated”

  1. If you want to heal from this then, take responsibility for it otherwise your gonna repeat it and become you hate.

  2. They lie string you along manipulate you and then make excuses as to why they can’t make an effort then ghost you and come back only to breadcrumb you only to have used you

  3. Broke off all contacts today in the morning because I realized my time ain't worth for him because no matter what I do he'll never see me as what I want him too.. I'm feeling miserable and having thought of contacting him again but at the same time I know this was suppose to end and this is not the story i want for my life where I'm always running behind him while he's treating me like shit…. Deleted his contact and for my sanity will keep it that no matter how much i hurt because I know there will be a time when I'll be happy with someone who'll value my time and even if not I'll be happy building myself for a better future.. ❤️😭💔

  4. I appreciate this video. Lol, I have been stuck on this guy since I was 15 years old(I'm 18 now). When we first started talking, everything felt great, new, and fresh and I didn't have a real boyfriend before so I looked at him as that real chance for one. The past two years have been me constantly trying to get over him, but then I would get back into contact with him. Then, it doesn't work out and I am back to trying to get over him. It's worse now because I discovered he got a girlfriend. What is wrong with me ? It's like he's the only guy I haven't gotten over and I want to so badly. Yes, I still hope for a relationship to happen between us but honestly there's no point. I deserve someone who is not gonna play games with me and gonna want me and appreciate me in every which way. I just wish I appreciated myself enough first to walk away from this guy FOR GOOD!

  5. I've never agreed more with anybody but you. I've always thought him as perfect even thought I know he isn't. That is my fantasy world. And I feel like I'd never find anybody like him. But burn that trash! I'm burning that fantasy now and never going back to caving in and breaking my spirit bc of him.

  6. This is the truth. I’ve had a crush on this guy for so long. I took your advice and really started picturing us together as boyfriend and girlfriend. I would be unhappy long term. It might be fun at first but I would constantly be worried he’d be cheating on me and because of his job and popularity he is surrounded by women.

  7. “He didn’t like you” wouldn’t have gotten interested if he didn’t show it first. It’s a matter of missing how he liked in the beginning/wondering how true it all was. He didn’t like you would only make us feel worse

  8. I realized the reason I still can't let go because of my ego and self-esteem. I don't wana be with this person in the first place but because he chose another girl over me and tried to hide it and still asked me to hang out. My ego hurts! I cut him off for two months already but I still can't get over it!!!!!!!!

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