Biden compares Kim Jong-un to Hitler as Trump calls him ‘different kind of guy’

In the national security portion of the second and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the former vice president said that the president legitimised North Korea by meeting with Kim Jong-un.

He accused the president of cosying up to a “thug” while Trump touted the “good relationship” between the US and the communist state.

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39 Replies to “Biden compares Kim Jong-un to Hitler as Trump calls him ‘different kind of guy’”

  1. Considering the incoming administration I look back at this moment which I watched broadcast live when it initially aired, and I don't blame Kim Jong Un for recently claiming that US is a great enemy.

  2. Kim Jong-un is different from Hitler – he is a puppet as with all North Korean leaders. The real power is the military. The fact that he has been disposed of so cleanly just like his predecessors is proof of this. North Korea is actually run by an oligarchy like the Soviet Union, and China. The difference is that Korea has a puppet hereditary head of state resembling a ceremonial monarchy.

  3. LOL this is laughable left-wing hysteria. Trump makes peace, the left hate him for it. Wars and coronavirus help them divert attention from the lying a deceiving while they concoct virtue signalling messages for the public.

  4. This shit is so confusing. So form what I understood, people are voting for this pedo that’s practically a nazi? (Correct me if I’m wrong) this is messed up.
    We are going to die omg 💀

  5. 1:15 lmaooo Joe's dementia almost kicked in. Trump handled this debate really well, Joe on the other hand.. same ol' shit

  6. We joined ww2 because of Japan, we didn't care about Hitler, we declared war on Japan but Japan was part of the axis powers with Hitler. So in return, we fought nazi Germany.

  7. my favorite part of this little skirmish was the part where biden claimed we were friendly with hitler at first.
    we sold weapons to his enemies FYI. incidentally, that's what trump's been doing to the enemies of NK, Iran, and Russia so it looks REALLY stupid claiming he's in it for any of those countries and their dictators.

  8. "we had a good relationship with Hitler before he infact invaded the rest of Europe"

    So much for Elementary School

    Erases 5th grade history notes

  9. Remember Otto Frederick Warmbier…poor American lad and of course call the South Koreans and North Korean people he has tortured and killed. North Korea = one big prison camp.

  10. Hello American, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to to test a men's character, give him power" Abraham Lincoln

  11. ……didnt the bush crime family become very very rich by doing business with hitler and then stealing nazi gold….which they then put into land and oil.

  12. I'm Scottish and wondered if anyone can tell me, please, why Trump and Biden are the only two people running for presidency? Sincere question.

  13. Trump is the hero of the free world he wants the west to be open trade freely he cares more for the working family than the activist minority

  14. Kim Jong un and Hitler are different…… One has nuclear weapons the other doesn't. We need a leader to encourage peace instead of sticking our noses into Korea affairs

  15. When american,british say donald trump hasnt start a war? You are still at war with rich in oil nation like syria not to mention the bomb that saudi dropped to yemen are from US and A and England.

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