BEST possession MOST passes completed😍 Recreating Pep Guardiola Man City Philosophy! | FM20 Tactics

Through RDF’s own interpretation, he’s replicating the 4-3-3 tactic Guardiola uses at Manchester City for Football Manager 2020. Play possession football in FM2020 like Pep Guardiola at Man City

60% average possession (1st), 91% pass completion (1st), 21,218 passes complete (1st) 7 goals conceded (1st) and 31 clean sheets (1st)

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25 Replies to “BEST possession MOST passes completed😍 Recreating Pep Guardiola Man City Philosophy! | FM20 Tactics”

  1. Great possession tactic. Been using it and noticed the possession stats go up straight away. However with the FM20 match engine I find it really hard to create a possession tactic and not give up on the creating chances front. I really hope they address this issue on FM21, because as we've seen with Pep in real life that is not the case. I still think your Barca Tiki Taka recreation tactic to be the best "possession" based tactic. The chance creation with that tactic is insane and the way you dominate a lot of opponents is great. Definitely my go to tactic in FM20.

  2. I want to use this as a base for my Arsenal squad in FM2021. I'll try Laca as a F9. In my FM20 save I deployed him as a DLF. I'm not too sure what to do with Partey as you could play him as DM but I'd like to see him involved in the play more and I don't think Xhaka is a DM.

  3. I always have a question, if I want to use this tactic on other team or lower team. Can I change some setting eg role or duty to suit my low ability players? Will it mean City style does not suit my lower team?

  4. Hey man – when I try to add ‘close down more’ for my AP, IW’s & CF it doesn’t let me. Any advice? Great tactic btw!

  5. Ok. All i do with this tactics is pass, hold the ball, draw, slight win. So boring. 14 games in
    7 wins 6 draws 1 loss

  6. Would love to see the entertainers tactic from Keegans eva at Newcastle which took them for struggling in League 1 to pushing to win the prem with my beloved Toon Army

  7. Jurgen klopp liverpool tatic, ronald koeman barcelona previous 2 games tatic and carlo ancelotti everton tatic in this new season please

  8. RDF, can you make a 3-4-2-1 tactic on the Brazil of 2002 World cup. I loved how the front three comined and were free from defensive duties.

  9. FM20 has a really weird match engine, it's really hard to score many goals with posession tactics, you simply must Gegenpress your opponent to death else you're in for a weird situation

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