Bernie Sanders vs Crying Billionaire Leon Cooperman

Bernie Sanders SHREDS a crying Billionaire. John Iadarola, Dr. Rashad Richey, and Charles F Coleman Jr. discuss on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member:

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“Leon Cooperman told CNBC on Thursday he believes the Reddit-fueled trading frenzy involving GameStop shares will end poorly. However, the billionaire investor said he wasn’t faulting the people who kicked off the epic short squeeze, which sent the stock to dizzying heights in recent days.”*

Hosts: John Iadarola, Dr. Rashad Richey, Charles F Coleman Jr.

Cast: John Iadarola, Dr. Rashad Richey, Charles F Coleman Jr.


The largest online progressive news show in the world. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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38 Replies to “Bernie Sanders vs Crying Billionaire Leon Cooperman”

  1. Young Turks is fuxkin makin this a Biden thing ? Jesus only people keeping racisim alive is these fuckin news interviews that rile everyone up not that many ppl are as racist as is promoted it’s a rich vs poor not white vs black and color it’s all meant to make you insignificant

  2. need to install suicide nets at wall street quick quick call the chinese call fuji our printer is banding at the federal reserve and putting chinese symbolism all over the tender.

  3. Look the rich like trickle down so let's do trickle down we'll start with the wealthy pay the most taxes and then will trickle it down to the poor we can also do the same thing with welfare take the welfare out of the rich taxes and then trickle it down to the poor

  4. The elites of America not only hold double standards for nations and peoples and cultures around the world, but it's becoming super clear that they hold people within the American society itself to a double standard. I think if us 99% don't fight back, we are looking at a 21st century of a European Middle Age serfdom, with castles and dragons and magical relics…ones you would find in a game bought at once-wonderful companies such as GameStop.

  5. Old balls actually said he hate the fraise Fare Share. Then says everyone needs to work together. He literally said that one after the other. 😡😡 F rich people!!

  6. Working people pay taxes why shouldn't rich people. most people work in this country if they can but many make minimum wage and those people need assistance to help them.

  7. Cooperman crying over the possibility of a wealth tax stating "I care." I think these people truly believe that that non-rich are a sort of subhuman animal, another type of mule, that have been put on this Earth solely to support lavish lifestyles for the chosen few (i.e. the rich). In Cooperman's mind: how DARE the government try to take something away from US and give it to OUR MULES.

  8. The people who cry about how Capitalism is ending out of fear of paying more than single digit net tax rates are acting like toddlers who are having their toys taken away after they throw them around the house

  9. Chuck there talks about white tears?? He could have said rich tears, billionaire tears but white tears? Because all white men are rich? When are people going to learn it's a class thing not a race thing. I guarantee Will Smith's son is going to have more privileges and opportunity in life than my sons. Constant talk like this is why trump was handed the keys to the city so to speak becouse poor or working class whites thing blacks are GIVEN everything through affirmative action and poor and working class blacks think white people have this white privilege when both couldn't be further from the truth. The rich and powerful will keep their heals on our necks al long as we continue to fight amongst out selfs. Public Enamys Chuck D said " Fight the POWER." Not fight white.

  10. Out of curiosity..
    USA have more than 18 million millionaires, Cenk, Ana & Bernie being three of them.
    Is it okey if they cry, bitch and moan?
    Or is it only the billionaires who should stop whining, 
    now when the two main Turks and their Socialist guru are millionaires?
    A person with a net worth of 'only' 999 million is not a billionaire.
    Is that person off the hook in the TYT socialist universe, or where do you draw the line?

  11. Having that much money(I can imagine) is like being a drug addict..always requiring another fix. Now someone is trying to steal some of his DRUGS..this makes him FAKE cry. So sad…the sound of his whimpering will lull me to a peaceful slumber.😁..🥱😌

  12. I did everything right ! Moved up into the middle class …. I was better off on section 8 and food stamps ! At least when i was poor ! I never had to worry about the IRS, and never had a 401k! Where wealthy people ( hedge funds ) could then steal my 💰 money when I decided to work harder ✅ and invest. The pursuit of Happiest is dead 💀 the Game is rigged.

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