Bernie Sanders Responds to Criticism of his Socialist Policies | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1330 w/Bernie Sanders:


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35 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Responds to Criticism of his Socialist Policies | Joe Rogan”

  1. Everyone always says "Love Bernie but he will never get elected".
    And yet Joe Biden not only beat Trump FAIRLY but also took Georgia and it's senate with him. My fellow Americans really don't know jack anymore

  2. I agree with the idea of healthcare but at the moment he started with his “oppressive” rich people I considered that this guy is dangerous as a president.
    (Open to debate)

  3. This man folded late in life and aligned himself with billionaires and the liberal elite. He has as much backbone and integrity as a twig. As he enriched himself, his whole shtick switched.

  4. To persuade all of you people to socialism/communism, all Bernie has to to do is tell you that… he doesn't believe in greed! HA!

  5. Joe Biden couldn't talk for 20 minutes. The Democratic party threw America under the bus because they couldn't stand to have someone lead the party who isn't looking out for the good old boys club. Shame on any of you who genuinely didn't vote for him

  6. i don'tagree with his ideas on medical care being a right but i respect him as a political man and i can see why he didn't make it far in his political career, having these crazy ideas that would help the populace

  7. Get rid of patents on medicine, and get rid of over-regulation that makes try to create a better drug a billionaires game. Kills the monopolies, allows for quicker and more efficient evolution of medicine, and a larger field of competition drives prices down. The democrat AND republican views on healthcare are both wrong. Freeing the healthcare business and turning it into an ever-competing landscape instead of a few monopolies is how you get low drug prices, without making everyone pay taxes to afford it while the companies still get paid the same while losing quality.

  8. population of the USA is what is causing all these problems. High demand of medicine equals inflation of the price. Capitalism is a bitch aint it.

  9. The only people who think free healthcare is socialist are Americans. And its not crazy expensive either, the UK NHS costs half per capita than the US healthcare system.

  10. So gross how the democrats all dropped out at once and endorsed Biden just to stop Bernie from winning and helping people

  11. I really hope that Bernie and his ideas transition themselves into the future of our politics despite the likelihood of Bernie becoming the president. I just hope this man inspires more like himself.

  12. Healthcare is not a human right. Its your body so your responsibility you need to take care of your body! People do whatever they want and demand that other people need to help them/pay for them. We pass they don't matter! Pay for your own body you thiefs!

  13. the gov has no incentive for cost efficiency, private healthcare costs less than gov healthcare … please reply to this comment

  14. I love Sanders. Even tho I’m not from the US, my country has policies close to his, and my country is one of the best countries to live in. He is very wise but everyone thinks socialism doesnt work. He’s a great person and people should listen to him. SANDERS AOC 2028

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