Bernie Sanders offers RARE PRAISE for Republican

Sen. Bernie Sanders praised Sen. Josh Hawley for working with him to bring direct relief payments for Americans.


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43 Replies to “Bernie Sanders offers RARE PRAISE for Republican”

  1. You know what's deeply depressing about this: it's another one-off. People like Bernie are fighting a bloody battle for a non-recurring payment. Legislation proposed including $1200 was a few crumbs to help people survive; $600 is a single crumb.

  2. Bernie will work with Republicans, that's a good thing. There are bound to be plenty of decent independents, republicans, dems who can work together on social & economic policies.

  3. Wouldn't have surprised me if Biden cheated Sanders in the election as well. From what I saw it wasn't even close and I honestly believe Sanders is a much more likable person then Biden.

  4. I will say this. Being a moderate conservative Bernie Sanders may not have the best ideas to assist the economy however i truly believe he does care about the American people Republican or Democrat. He is a rare politician that got into it to help people. I just want to say Thank you to Bernie Sanders for fighting for the American people!

  5. Did you know Canada is training China just off our northern boarder?
    And the Cartels and terrorists organization are working together on our southern boarder?

  6. How many of you here know China’s Fleets had to be confronted off the east coast and Russia has moved to the North Atlantic and moving in?
    & China’s is off our west coast?

  7. hey bernie your good friend joe is probably going to let those millions of people lose their homes. What a friend!

  8. Thank you Mr. Sanders and Mr. Hawley for standing up for us the lil ppl. We are NOT stepping stones nor are we bargaining chips. Do thank you both for acknowledging that fact

  9. This is a slap in the face of the ppl. 600 want even cover rent for most for a month? Y'all should be ashamed to even suggest that to ppl. Why are y'all so hard on your electors???

  10. We have a lower annual death total this year then each of the past eight years because they are putting Covid19 on all the deaths they can no matter what the actual cause. Dr. Birx admitted to this on TV months ago. Most people have a 99.97% survival rate to this genetically modified common cold! WAKE UP THIS ISN'T ABOUT A VIRUS!!!

  11. 1,200 isn't the same in New York as it is in BFE Kansas. How about directly paying rents and mortgages and issuing food stamps….after all it is a "crisis" guarantee this money will buy stuff people don't need. My cousin voluntarily left her part time job and is married to a wealthy doctor and she's getting stimulus money (democrats). This thing needs more thought put into it.

  12. Mr sanders u stand there n grill them people n still u dont get nothing done n I'm not puttn u down bcuz u n me hawley r the only ones for us but still nothing is happening we've been fighting for months to get our money n still nothing has happened n they keep extending the government n a deal needs to b done right now this is insane

  13. Love how the guy fighting his heart out to keep families from being evicted in an economic Great Depression lost to the guy who keeps saying “Americans don’t want a handout”

  14. $1200 for 8-9 months, then another $600 for what? The next 8-9 months?! Our government is a complete and utter failure to us. They first force us out of work, then leave us to starve.

  15. Is it possible for" WE the American People"… agree together to get their paychecks CUT OFF??? Why is our tax money being wasted putting up with this type of sloppy no-service from our Congress HOUSE/SENATE on this urgent time??? American people seriously need help relief! Hello??? Perhaps our tax dollars should stop paying them due to COVID19 etc…and feel that!!!

  16. Bernie will be remembered for being a genuine American and a gold standard for representatives.

    You don’t have to agree with him, but you should be able to recognize his motives are pure. And that is an extreme rarity.

  17. There are two kinds of public servants: the ones that work to uplift the regular Joe and Jane, and the others that step on the regular Joe and Jane to uplift themselves. Every other label – liberal, conservative, capitalist socialist, etc – are dust thrown to confuse us.

  18. Get the country opened up and punish those responsible for thus pandemic. Jobs creation will give people pide within themselves. Hand outs only gives these politicians power over you with false hope and dependences on them. The media and big tech need to be held responsible for their treason. Then share their money. Which was obtained with lies. These false hand outs will only penalise hard working american in future. Needing to pay it back through taxes by the incident american public!!

  19. This is what we need more of, just like tulsi gabbard.. The democratic party has become just as bad as the Republicans in my view

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