Bernie Sanders: 'I Wrote The Damn Bill!' | TIME

Senator Sanders and Representative Ryan clashed over healthcare policy.
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Bernie Sanders: ‘I Wrote The Damn Bill!’ | TIME


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23 Replies to “Bernie Sanders: 'I Wrote The Damn Bill!' | TIME”

  1. Bolshevik Bernie is a fraud and a con artist.. A Marxist masquerading as a social Democrat that buys his vote from clueless young puppets with promises that he can't keep.

  2. They come up with new ways every four years to explainhow many people raise their prices of everything so they can profit is cheaper than just getting rid of those people and paying for what the hell's car actually cost. Why should anyone make a profit off our healthcare, or at least not 100 Billion+ a year

  3. Of course Medicare for All is better than Healthcare you still have to pay for, which is limited, AND ties you to a certain job.

  4. Lol apparently "I proposed a bill that was rejected by my own party" is a great answer to "you don't know that this bill will become law". The Bernie crowd is full of idiots.

  5. people like Ryan don't give a shit about common people.

    When he says "we're going to take it and we're going to do better", what he actually means is "we're going to take it and we're going to do nothing".

    Bernie 2020

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