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BERNIE SANDERS ENDING CAMPAIGN: Sen. Bernie Sanders is addressing supporters after informing his campaign team this morning that he is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race. Aides said his mood on the call was sad but positive, CBS News reported. Sanders’ exit means that former VP Joe Biden has a clear path to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination to face Donald Trump.
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48 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Ends Presidential Campaign | LIVE | NowThis”

  1. Well this was the time to push for progresive agenda, not being so submissive to his friend joe… I'm not voting for nobody


  3. Bernie was my last hope for america. Best case scenario now is if usa china and russia all anihilate each other. Im sick of every single one of em

  4. I hate this and it's scary that Bernie gave up this early. We-Us are not ready for you to give up💔
    I can only hope that you live for 20 more years and know that you aren't willing to let people die for a vote. You are the antithesis of strength and love for all people and the world. I'm glad I was alive to witness and be able to vote for you. 😭💙❤🤍✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  5. You can still vote for Bernie on the ballot or assassinate trump and biden. We’re in this together lmaooooo

  6. Vote anything, but Trump…. Be smart my American. If you are matching intelegence against him… Then run!!

  7. Well, that’s it for 2020.
    Listen up DNC, you guys are a disgrace and you will NOT get my vote for Joe.
    Bernie, please DONT campaign for Biden. There’s nothing you can do to make them like you. Trump will win and they’ll blame you no matter what. So DONT BOTHER TO CAMPAGN FOR BIDEN!
    Now time to support Shahid Buttar for his run against Pelosi!

  8. How come Trump wanted Sanders to be the Democratic candidate? Why is Trump saying that he knew Bernie's supporters voted for him in 2016? And was he hoping for a repeat this year? People, let good sense prevail. Don't be unpatriotic and vote for this Russian asset again. Don't matter who, vote Blue.

  9. god bless u Bernie more than electability as persident (because of his care of the issues) and the humblest politican I've ever seen…truly for the people 👌✊✊ salute to u my friend

  10. It's a sacrifice so people don't have to go out to vote in this time of pandemic…. still thinking of the safety of the american people before himself… a true leader, I salute you Sir Bernie Sanders!

  11. I don't want our country to become something else. It is the greatest county that ever existed. That is why so many come here because of the freedom we enjoy. The constitution protects us the necessary evil government. Bernie thinks it is the answer. Thank you our founding fathers for giving us the constitution which protects us from the government. Big government will never fix the problem but is the problem. "Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem". RR


  13. Bernie is not dropping out of the race, he will remain on all ballots going forward so we can still vote for him. He just not going to be actively campaigning. Show the Establishment that he can still garner a large percentage of primary votes!

  14. Annnnnd Trump 2020 is official. Who could have seen that coming? Its almost as if doing literally nothing but demonizing your opposition with vague nonsense will cost you an election. Thought we figured that one out in 2016, but apparently some people are not bright…

  15. I love 💗 you Bernie
    I lived in Burlington Vermont in hopes to have met you maybe one day we shall meet you will always be a winner and a president in my heart ❤️ and mind !!!!!!

  16. This guys is the man, but IAM not an American, most Americans I talked to, knew Biden will win, can't fathom why, Biden used to defend the banks and credit companies, and he is only there because of Obama.

  17. I was really hoping to see Bernie debate against tRump and make him look like the self-centered fool that he is.
    I'll bet that tRump is happy though… he knew he couldn't compete with Bernie.

  18. Hopefully his delusional cult will finally realize bernie could have never won a general election in 2020
    No matter how passionate they were
    about bernie.they don't have the votes – now stop sniveling and get that madman trump out of there

  19. Good riddance.
    We don't need more false gods.
    And we certainly don't need asshats who claim they're "progressive" while defending the endorsement of a white supremacist (who now endorses Trump, B.T.dubbs) as something that is "good for the movement".


    A “suspended” campaign isn’t technically terminated, at least not according to the Federal Election Commission’s rules.

    For a candidate to terminate their campaign committee, they must no longer be receiving (or intend to be receiving) contributions and they must no longer make (or intend to make) expenditures.

    Additionally, the FEC allows candidates to use the same campaign committee in future elections. If that’s the candidate’s plan, they may not seek to terminate their campaign.

    However, the legal status of their campaign committee doesn’t necessarily have to be reflected in a concession speech. If a candidate is dropping out of an election then they’re dropping out of an election.

    Candidates want to leave themselves open to a return if they see an opportunity, at least according to the many political blogs across the web that have tried to explain this trend. Should something drastic happen that may allow them to return to the campaign, then they don’t want to make the demise of their campaign sound final.

  21. Although Bernie is not campaigning, he and the Progressive policies he stands for are still very much in the race. People can still vote Bernie in the primary!

  22. Bernie is traitor to his people he never wanted to win. How much did they give you Bernie to leave the campaign? Your worst then the Clown in the White House. Stop with all the lies you preach but accomplished NOTHING. YOU LIE YOU LIE YOU LIE!!!!! 🙉🙈🙊🙋🏻👅

  23. This is the saddest thing ive watched. Im so sorry for you Americans to miss out on this opportunity to make things better for you. And im sorry for the rest of the world too as it seems we will all have another 4 years of trump. 💔😪 Stay at home, stay well out there 😷 love from Australia ❤🇦🇺

  24. I would much better have accepted this if Bernie had stepped down (because there is truth in what he is saying about the delegates) and he told us to do a write in or he started us on a path to becoming our own POP. (party of the people). However he is so in the mind on beating Donald that he is selling US out. Asking us to back Biden is not what I am going to do and it is what I ask others to not do.
    This reminds me of a story about a group of people slaved to their masters, masters that told them to make bricks with no straw. A master that worked them from sun up to sun down and never took care of the working slaves. Then a man came along he was part of the master group yet he clearly saw the injustice being done on the slaves by the very people he was a part of. This man took the slaves and he fought for them, helping to unite them and they left behind their masters. They embarked into foreign territory. This man however did not get to see these slave reach their promise land and instead he saw the land from a mountain top. It was another that took them into the promise land another that carried the torch.
    We are the slaves in this story and the government and ultra rich are the masters, Bernie is the man that lead the fight to freedom but did not get to take part in it. I ask you who is going to pick up the torch? Which one of us is going to lead us to the Party of the People?

  25. We would have gladly shared Bernie for the rest of the United States but we're satisfied to keep him here he's a treasure what a great man and I know I'm a little bit not very well but I said hi to him he knows what I am who I am that's the cool thing about being a vermonter we got the burne

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