Bernie Sanders eerily predicts Trump's election night playbook

In a weeks old appearance on The Tonight Show, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has eerily predicted President Trump’s election night strategy as Trump called for “all voting to stop” as results continue to filter in.


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47 Replies to “Bernie Sanders eerily predicts Trump's election night playbook”

  1. After viewing the following, are we to believe that Bernie Sanders is the most solid Prophet that ever walked on the face of this Earth or rather the most sordid co-perpetrator of the biggest fraud committed against the America people.
    If Bernie could not even foresee twice his demise in his own presidential attempted runs, you think he could foretell so precisely what took place in the early hours of Nov. 4th 2020, naming the exact proven contested states. Like many, I don't think so, BUT this rather proves that Bernie knew what was in store for this election way prior to the famous Nov. night when they could sense that, if nothing was done against Donald Trump, all indications were that Donald was utterly winning. The Dominion machines were already prepared to counteract the proven win and enter numbers that any intelligent one can see being implausible to take place for Quid Pro Quo Joe who could not even get a crowd to his few attempted parking lots rallies or his basement blurts. Bernie is complicit to this fraud with plenty of others in this nefarious machination and they need to be made accountable for such sordid actions:

  2. Damn pretty accurate but they stopped counting votes and went backwards and kept going on for 4 days and some states such as New York & California where they took a month to Report all the votes


  4. How can a politician, Sunderly become a Psychic 🔮 🤔 can you please predictit who going to win? He did not predict anything, it is a plan. You think we are stupid.

  5. Everyone knows Trump won,, Bernie said that because he new the demacrats play book don't be fooled people the demacrats want quick big tec money while Republic wants a country and money,, open your eyes don't dislike someone because u see 10 second clip designed to show there faults see the bigger picture

  6. Lol. Sanders was and will continue to be a containment candidate for the hard left and progressives of the dems. If Biden ultimately wins fraudulently or otherwise, Sanders will slip back from the limelight as his job is done.

  7. If Oregon uses mail in ballots all the time, and called their state on the night of the election , then why did the magical swing states not have all their ballots counted in time? Why did CA also call their votes on election night on time? All mail in. Sounds like fraud to me. Magically, ballots come in to MI with only the President choice filled in for Biden? No other choices filled in…all for Biden? 138k ballots all for Biden, none for Trump? not even one or ten? Statistically impossible. That's fraud. You should not want fraud from any party. Otherwise, our voting is worth nothing. MSM does not call the elections, so this little victory dance is fake too. The STATES call the winner. Counting is not done. Biden is not the winner. Marxist tactics are to tell the lie, keep it going and the public will eventually believe it. MSM is good at that. Wrong. This election is not called yet.

  8. Maybe this was planned? Ppl are so naive they set up the narrative do anything trump says they will try and call b.s why would Dems want to rely on the form of voting that has the most fraud dint be dumb ppl think

  9. This fraud was planned, every Democrat knew, including sanders so he knew what to predict 🙄. This election fraud has been affecting us since idk how many elections ago for several other presidential votes. look up our history you will see

  10. That's because they were fraudulant. Videos of people setting at tables filling out multiple ballots! Refusing to let Repubs view the ballots !

  11. Bernie is a dipshit. He was in on the planning. If no fraudulent votes then why at 4 am a huge dump 100,000s of votes. During that time they weren't allowing Republicans to view them. Mail in votes have to be verified with a signature. If Bernie feels so confident Biden was getting all the mail in votes then why hide the process of verifying signatures? Maybe because they don't want to see all the dead votes? Don't be fooled people.

  12. Isn’t it ironic? 5 years ago Bill gates “predicted” coronavirus. A few weeks ago Bernie Sanders “predicted” Trumps loss. He already knew he was going to lose, they knew the plan all along. Maybe I’m wrong, but you can’t deny all of this is shady. In due time the truth will come out, it always does.

  13. “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch, and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton said

    I think Clinton knew the cheating was going to be harder to pull off than they first thought.

  14. The problem with this is that Bernie is right, except for the fact that the votes that were being counted in the following days were just mail in ballots, they were ballots that came in AFTER Election Day. And there is a constitutional basis to contest it.

  15. Bruh y’all still believing bernie sanders? 😂 biden cheated, trump easily won, but the democrats cheated and you all know it, if trump won y’all would’ve said he cheated. watch it go to court and trump is re-elected, and the bidens, clintons, and obamas all go to jail for their disgusting sex trafficking and children sacrifice. it’s all prophecy in the Bible 🙂

  16. I will always be grateful to President Trump. That is because whenever we normal folk doubt our ability to achieve our goals all we have to do is remember that in 2016 a total moron reached the highest office in the United States of America.

  17. Bernie knows how clever Trump is. He knew, Trump knew it was going to be rigged. That’s why Trump will win. Millions of fake ballots made in china without the all important watermark. Good is always many steps ahead of evil. Can’t wait for the arrests. Media, your evil reign is almost over…. it will make my day, when I hear no more hate from you all 🖕

  18. Ye, if you rob someone in broad daylight you can expect them to resist. This is like predicting pissing into the wind is a bad idea.

  19. So president Trump has a sting operation in place .Real ballots are watermarked..Then we have software giving biden , Trump votes 6,000 at a time .so everything has to be recounted in all states, Everything that is a real ballot that is .the software was purchased by the election officials..Biden has admitted to cheating

  20. frankly it's not a revelation, but ya gotta say it out loud cuz otherwise dumbasses will try to pretend it wasn't predictable. dump bitched about the election being a fraud in 2016 when he assumed there was no way he would win it even with ruskie and the racists help. in 2020, he bitched about it before the first vote was cast cuz some repug elections expert told him that the mail-in votes were gonna kill him. plus, that these people thought that philly or atlanta was gonna swing to dump shows you how deluded they are. imbeciles

  21. It’s so ironic!! He’s claiming we are stealing the election while trying to HALT counting because he is trying to steal the election!

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