Bernie & Killer Mike: 2020

Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike sat down in Atlanta to talk about the 2020 presidential election, health care, drug prices, wealth and student debt.


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50 Replies to “Bernie & Killer Mike: 2020”

  1. I love killer mike he's honestly one of my favourite people on earth right now
    Also, looking in on the situation from overseas, America's health care system looks pretty disguising. Big companies over there are also force feeding the kids in the schools literal junk food trash for the profit, raising their next generation of workers and citizens on food that will affect their health and life expectancy in a country who's health care cannot support these people into the future. It's a disaster and it's pretty concerning what's going to happen to the next generation based on what they are going through now. I do hope it resolves though, those kids deserve a future, and so do the adults with diabetes and other problems who don't have access to health care, living in a society over there that is always exploiting their psychology in ways like this that put them at risk for the sake of a few rich psychopaths defending their big companies like ravenous scavengers defending a pile of smelly shit. Wish yous the best.

  2. As a Canadian citizen, it is MORE than possible. AND to teach people to be appreciative of it. Im blessed we had great leaders WE supported. You CAN do this! It is MORE than possible, FAR more!! One Love!!

  3. Once again Fiebold got their filthy fingers in the (electronic voting machines) pie. The hundreds that were pro Joe Biden became the multitudinous millions coming out of the ether and 'votef for him.

  4. When the tree rots, you only have one option. Pull it out, trunk roots and all and plant a new one.

    I will not explain further.

  5. Man watching this in June 2020 just makes me angry. This guy should be the democratic nominee. He would beat Trump. Sanders genuinely cares about people. It isn't just political talking points. And his track record backs it up. This guy is exactly what America needs right now. So disappointed he was sidelined again.

  6. Lets make America Geat Again slogan was a lot of crap. If it wasn't great from before how would they make it great again. That doesn't make sense. My vote is Bernie and Biden all the way

  7. He has been on the CPC payroll with Beijing Sanders. "Killer" Mike is all talk, like all Socialists are, unless he is "killing" a plate of fresh swin guts – chitlins, hamhocks, pigs feet, pig blood, neck bones. This is the black Socialist voice in AmeriKKKa and even as stupid he is, he goes over peoples' heads. Shows how the "Democrats" Made America Dumb Again.

  8. Democrats want a puppet, Biden is a good puppet, it's a shame he won't make it into power to be that puppet because Trump will most likely beat him (which shows how WILD America is right now). Bernie was the dems best choice, but they're petrified of him and his beliefs, which is extremely sad because I believe he could have made great changes to your country. They didn't learn anything when they put a institutionalized / kind of corrupt Clinton against Trump, and they haven't learnt again.

  9. Obesity causes diabetes! Stop eating simple carbs, sugar, and drinking alcohol and soda. That way you will not have diabetes. Then you won't need expensive insulin. Most people know this. It's not secret information.

  10. Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. McDougall help people reverse their diabetes type 2 and heart disease with the #1 thing your body is most intimate with… THE FOOD! don't believe me… Dr. Greger also shares the SCIENCE of it on his chnanel

  11. I like Killer Mike but damn I hate seeing him support this socialist piece of garbage. Bernie Sanders owns 3 mansions and exploits his groundskeepers by paying them almost nothing so I dont think he's the best person to be preaching about exploitation.

  12. My sister eats better than anyone else in my family, myself included. Regardless of that, due to genetics, she ended up somehow being the one in my immediate family to get diabetes. Having just moved out of state, she has had a hard time getting health insurance and has had to pay for insulin out of pocket quite a few times. She is…wait for it….a white girl. Diabetes isn't a "black issue". My GOD where does it end with this shit? Its a genetic issue. When Killer Mike speaks passionately about Bernie at the rallies, he makes awesome speeches. But aside from that, he's kind of annoying. Bernie is here for the 99%. A world with Bernie's mentality is a world that realises that other people that aren't white can be and many times have been RACIST. This whole mentality that white people don't have problems….its so played out man. Maybe stop comparing everything in life to how it went for a person of this race or a person of that race. I say this because I want people to take Bernie's movement seriously.

  13. Too late, the dumbed down populous and blatantly cheating DNC has buried Bernie again. It’s going to take PITCHFORKS before the bastards realize we aren’t going to take it anymore. They can’t have it all while we serfs starve. We are coming with PITCHFORKS bastards, share or lose it all.

  14. "You said that better than me." No other politician would be caught dead saying that. Why? Because it's not about being moral for them. It's about being the smartest man in the room. It's about getting your "um actually," moment, it's about getting your "gotchya" moment.
    God bless Bernie.

  15. Where's Killer Mike to save Bernie from keeping this losing strategy of "Joe is my friend and he can win to Trump". I don't know what Bernie and his advisors are doing anymore while Biden sh*ts all over us. #NotMeUS #BernieOrBust

  16. I can't afford healthcare or the time off to make the appointment happen. I make $16/hr and barely make it by. Especially since the min wage increase my Rent has gone up $100, Water and Sewer charges added and I'm responsible for all my own repairs on my home even those caused by bad water from the Trailer park I Rent my home in.

  17. Bernie dumped Bloomberg's half a billion dollar bid into the trash heap where it belonged; with $27 donations from poor and working class people with a dream for equality and dignity. If Bernie were to fail (which I don't think will happen) it was still my great privilege to have died alongside such a champion of the people. #BernieSanders2020

  18. What, pray tell, does Biden stand for? No one knows. His record shows that he's all about serving Wall Street. But we all know what Bernie stands for. Bernie is about making life better for you and for me. Period. I love the man and his commitment to me and my neighbors.

  19. Canada doesn't have a navy. Can the US pull our Navy from protecting them and then causing us to use less money in military to use it somewhere else? Also I believe with us pulling our Navy they would have less medical focus and a focus on that.

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