Ben 10 Vanilla Mod v2 | 11 NEW Aliens! | Minecraft

The Ben 10 vanilla mod v2 is finally finished! This video has download instructions for the minecraft ben 10 omnitrix mod. This is the most functional ben 10 minecraft mod so far. 11 fully functional aliens have been added with new sounds & textures!

Jump to different parts in video:
download instructions: 0:21
getting the omnitrix: 1:26
heatblast: 2:28
fourarms: 3:49
xlr8: 5:05
ripjaws: 6:06
ghostfreak: 7:04
diamondhead: 9:02
wildmutt: 11:30
stinkfly: 12:13
cannonbolt: 12:57
greymatter: 13:30
upgrade: 14:15
master control: 18:47

Download links:
IMPORTANT! *This was created for Minecraft Java Edition 1.12.2, so you will have to bactrack to that version to download it.*

Resource pack:
Functions folder:
One command:

Before you comment that it’s not working, first
1. Run the command /function omni:init in chat, if this does not work, you did not install the functions correctly
2. Double check that you are in Minecraft 1.12.2
3. Reinstall one command structure in spawn chunks

if you need help downloading the resource pack, click here:
If you want to get updates on progress before I release the video, join the community discord server:

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Nevoska plays (Made most of the alien models):
Fizzy Chicken’s: (Made upgrade mech and turret models):
DimG (made all the other upgrade models):
SirStickyNote (Made omnitrix model and others):

Lorgon111 (I used his code to do raycasting for diamondhead, this guy’s an actual genius, check him out):
PingiPuck (I used this code to negate fall damage without bugs)

Map used in video – Union Islands:

Beariowan – Daze:
Octunes – Ben 10 theme (8-bit):
Kevin MacLeod – Hep Cats
EDM background track:
Love Like you 8-bit:


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