Behind The Scenes: Recording Monsieur Periné Live with Fab Dupont

Go behind the scenes with Grammy-winning producer Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, David Crosby) as he breaks down this stunning Apollo Artist Session with Colombian superstars Monsieur Periné, showcasing Apollo X interfaces and Unison™ technology on this remote island recording session. Learn more about Apollo X Interfaces at

Dupont offers insight into the difficulties of recording an outdoor acoustic performance — from coping with ambient noise to dealing with lengthy cable runs, poorly grounded power outlets, and incessant humidity. Then, watch a short pre-production rehearsal as the band, applies the finishing touches to the arrangement of their 2018 hit, “Encanto Tropical”.

For the performance, Dupont shows you how to bolster a dull bass signal, adding density with the Helios® Type 69 Preamp & EQ Collection and SPL® Twintube Processor plug-ins, while also using the Unison-equipped V76 Preamplifier plug-in to add warmth and presence to the cuatro and lead vocals. Finally, Dupont details how to create clarity and remove unwanted wind noise from background vocals by using extended high-pass filters found on the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection.

Learn more about Apollo X Interfaces at:

Title: “Encanto Tropical”
Written By: Monsieur Periné
Produced & Mixed By: Fab Dupont
Audio Engineer: Daniel Sanint
Mastered By: Diego Calvino

Vocals – Catalina García
Quattro – Santiago Prieto
Guitar – Elkin Robinson
Bass – Adinda Meertins
Drums – Darwin Páez


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22 Replies to “Behind The Scenes: Recording Monsieur Periné Live with Fab Dupont”

  1. This whole exercise was really helpful and enjoyable. More like this please. I guess I don't care about the genre, but this catchy song sure helped.

  2. Wonderful Document. Music will save the world (Amazonia is in fire!). Thank you Fab. Est-ce que tu peux me dire si il y aura un jeu organisé par UA pour gagner une Arrow ?Je suis en train de faire le site internet d'une amie black singer française qui est incroyablement talentueuse (Sérieux !). Mais elle a besoin d'une interface audio et c'est vraiment le matos le plus performant que je lui ai conseillé. Mais on est both complètement broke. Donc please let me know. Thank's

  3. I watched the live stream of the mixing — was very cool. Recording on a beautiful Caribbean island. That does not suck.

  4. Great Song.. Great People… cool gear used in the right way. As a person, who lives in germany, I am really surprised about the problems with the Power. But one thing is a fact… Fab is really entertaining. 🙂

  5. Sunscreen actually causes skin cancer …..please do research on everything…. photosynthesis is natural from sun and scientific ways it changes upon the adding of chemicals trust me I know what I speak of…cancer has killed way too many humans for us to stand idly by while it continues to ravish society…also lack of nitriliside nitriliside however it's spelled is a common vitamin we lack as humans and is found in apricot seeds kernels and kills cancer fact not fiction…

  6. I loved everything about this! Monsieur Perine has a new fan here! Also, Fab is such a beast! Keep bringing us this awesome content UA!

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