A former EX-Ministries staff member, and former member of ABC (Adamant Believers Council), publicly shares her experience being under the ministry of #GCraigeLewis

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22 Replies to “AND ANOTHER ONE!”

  1. What's is this? You definitely need to stop this. God is not pleased! You have all these videos about G Craig. It's an obsession you have with him and it's so visible. My first video and my last. I didn't even finished looking at your babbles. This isn't of God or guided by the Holy Spirit..

  2. How this guy listens to Craig g every week hating..somthing wrong .just listened to Craig g talk about forgiveness messege..yea he must be crazy

  3. Listening to her letter sounds like behind the scene at my church when I was a teenager years ago, and my cousin started working in "the church office"!! The stories were unbelievable about the un-christian like behavior – yep, including the pastor!! Thank God I Truly KNOW HIS SON JESUS….. Oh, and not the Solid Gold dancers!! Hahaha….. #JesusBless~

  4. This post is low on substance and high on Jealousy… I hear a lot of fluff very little concrete evidence that violates scripture ! Saiko face it .. You're jealous !

  5. From what I can see g craig is bad and saiko is not perfect in his pursuit and should forgive him but remember
    An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.
    Maybe God has sent saiko to destroy g craig as a cruel messenger

  6. Saiko, LilPup is a member of ABC. I remember him and his family. Unfortunately, he’s a teenager who’s being misguided by Lewis.

  7. Out of allll these false prophets out here- you choose to go after G. Craige Lewis?!?

    I hope this is not from jealousy or a personal offense between you and him.

    This don’t feel like it comes from the Holy Spirit or a desire to rebuke a brother in love.

    There’s another reason why you’re doing this video.

  8. She's SO beautiful :), and she seems very open, cool and friendly ^_^. I thought this live was very interesting too, I was very interested in what she had to say.

  9. Never ever follow man, but follow Jesus, the Almighty God and work out your own salvation with the Lord on your side

  10. @1:01:38–1:56:40 "Why you gotta have African Jokes"🤣. Thank you Chi for Repping our Naija People.

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