AGE GAPS: Why You Should Be Dating Younger Guys — Lessons From Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson!

Guess what: you should be dating younger guys! #PeteDavidson recently addressed the age gap in his relationship with #KateBeckinsale, and I’ll give you 5 reasons why dating #youngerguys is the BEST…just as long as it isn’t Pete Davidson!
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47 Replies to “AGE GAPS: Why You Should Be Dating Younger Guys — Lessons From Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson!”

  1. Love you shallon!! Just wondering, have you considered the mommy complex with the younger guys? You know they like you because they want to recreate or redo their relationship with their mother? Also, how about dating guys with less physical experience when you have just as little experience in the bedroom?? A penny for your thoughts x you're the

  2. I disagree with you. I think you just had really bad experience with older men, that's why you're so against dating them. I'm 22 my boyfriend is 34. We've been together 2 years, it's the best thign i ever had in terms of relationships. He treats me like a princess, we both respect each other, supports my goals & want to see me grow by myself while I admire what he has achieved. He's willing to wait for me to be a woman on my own, before we make the next step.
    Dudes my age don't even have their life together, they just want a fling. May have fun with you for a year and then want to "live more". I also see this with my friends, relationships with people my age last maximum 2 years & usually the reason is: they are not ready to settle down, they want to live more experiences (meaning sexual). I believe men have to pass a certain amount of what they consider ideal "experience" in order to settle down.Think about it, why are you not right now with the younger guys you dated? Of course, there are exceptions. xx

  3. While it was interesting to hear an older woman perspective on dating a younger guy, there is one thing I found to be totally hypocritical.

    That is, she said that a younger guy who is dating her does not have a right to complain about if she was hanging out with other guys, and that if they do, she'll just dump them.

    While I DO agree that you do have to have standards for the people you allow to come into your life, that being said, I wonder how she would feel if the younger guy she was dating was potentially hanging out with other girls, who are either his age, or her age, whatever that might be?

    I say that, because I have dated older women in my life, and I have been through that, so I have some experience behind me. And the older woman I was going out with at the time, had a serious problem with me hanging out with other chicks, strictly as friends, but if she was to hang out with other guys, I was not basically allowed to have a problem with it essentially.

    My only point is, is that whether you're a man or a woman, you should practice the Golden Rule: "Treat others the way you would want to be treated." And do not accept anything less, PROVIDED, you're being honest, congruent, and consistent in your dealings with the other person.

    That and if either one person or the other, the guy or the girl, wants to have a double standard, then I would strongly advise you to say: "F*** this", and run for the hills, I do not care how much you like them and/or how hard such a decision might be to make, because you CANNOT trust someone like that, and you certainly DO NOT want to be involved with someone like that.

  4. saying this as a fan in the past, you have a really warped idea of what constitutes a healthy person. I love you and think you're capable of change, but as you rightly put it you can't change what you don't acknowledge. I've noticed that for someone who preaches 'business as usual' you're so extra and judgemental, and you say it's because you want to take a lesson from these celebrities but I don't think you do. I think you just like to talk shit about them, and from looking at the type of people (Ellen, Selena, Meghan etc.) you dislike it appears that it may be a personal issue that YOU have with them. I don't doubt you have a lot of insider knowledge from living in new york but let's be real half the shit that you claim you've 'heard' if you do a quick google are article quotes from unreputable sources! you preach about female empowerment which is why i started watching you (you truly have come up with some iconic one-liners) but damn girl you sure do like to cut other women down who have different values and goals than you, god forbid. For someone who claims to be a feminist/queen of the girls, you have a lot of internalised misogyny.
    Internalised misogyny to be clear is that you have internalised misogynistic values which in their simplest and most blatant form is hating on women but I believe is far more complex. For a lot of history, people could be like fuck women and it was okay but you can't get away with it as much anymore so now it's fuck anything associated with women, mainly feminity. You see a lot of the most vulnerable men in society are feminine (think gay men, trans men, men with mental health disorders especially eating and mood disorders, men who are abused). that's kind of proven by the 'im not like other girls' girl who shits on women for male approval. I say this with love but I think you possess some of those qualities. I want to point this out to you because I hear the way you speak about other women, and 'feminine' or vulnerable men and it's awful which sucks because you are so smart and a great behavioural analyser. I see why you made a career out of it! You have empowered me in as many ways as you have cut me down which is why it's so hard to write this and say this.
    I am a psychiatric nurse and am currently training to be a qualified psychologist. I have mental health conditions, my sister has borderline personality disorder now known as emotionally unstable personality disorder and is a recovering addict (and previously had bulimia). I was raised by an abusive alcoholic father. Trust me I have been the sister, daughter and nurse of mental health disorders as well as a person afflicted with them. There is something in psychology called an internal locus of control. A locus of control means where you accredit blame to life-events so an external locus of control would be someone who lost their job and claims it's their boss' fault. They get divorced it's their partner's fault. They believe in fate, luck and karma and blame these things when they win or lose. They become passive in their life and decision making assuming a 'sign' will come to them that they need to change instead of going out and doing it themselves. People who have mental health problems (often their first contact with mental health services) can fall into this. Their strength and 'go-getter' attitude has been whittled down. Part of recovery (especially in therapy sessions) is to change this outlook to an internal locus of control. They are people who accredit their failures and successes to internal factors. If they got the job, its because they worked for it. If they get divorced, even if the other person cheated, they had a part to play in the downfall of the relationship. Being an internal means you take an active role in your life, so if your mental health starts to deteriorate you go to your GP, you don't allow yourself to fall back down again.
    what you do wrong is you use this idea of being independent and taking an active role in your life as a bludgeon to beat vulnerable people over the head with. That is NOT how you get through to people. Don't enable people, of course. but don't be a dick about it fucking hell man. You fall short on this a lot, and I encourage you to challenge yourself because yes you have to be cruel to be kind but it feels like you're being cruel to be cruel and I do not like it.
    Finally, personality disorders are misunderstood even within the mental health field. I have worked in a personality disorder ward and it is VERY different from bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. PD's arise because of issues with upbringing generally, and actually what you said about borderline personality disorder (BPD) arising because of narcissistic parenting doesn't surprise me. I've never heard that before nor can I confirm it to be true but people with BPD can 'split'. This means they idolise someone, seeing only the good, and then split and see only the bad. Yes the idolising stage can be compared to 'love bombing' an abusive tactic, and yes people with BPD can be abusers… but so can anyone? you can be, I can be! and the idolising stage actually leaves room for abuse from another person because they are willing to overlook abusive behaviour for love. My sister is not perfect but she is kind and has a good heart. She was also the victim of abuse, first from our father and then from her fiance. This happened because she could only see the good in a person that broke her bones and dragged her down the stairs by her hair.
    Personality disorders are mental illness, meaning that the person is in some way sick. But this sickness is not of their personality (despite what the name suggests) or their heart, but more their perspective. Narcissism is also a personality disorder, and the 'problem' is rooted in their perspective/ how they view others and themselves. A lesser-known trait of BPD is this chameleon-ing on to other peoples personalities and interests, not because they are a cartoon villain manipulating others but because they are so scared of being alone that they mirror what they think others want them to be, so they won't abandon them.
    Now you might think my perspective is biased, because I love my sister, but I also see her flaws. She was an addict and for a long time, a part of her didn't want to be sober, to face therapy and all of her issues she wanted to forget who she was and how she felt. Yes, it's important to have boundaries and be firm with people even when it's hard but you don't need to be cruel.

    my issue with you shallon is you take a personality trait someone has and twist it to be the most cynical outlook, that everyone is Machiavellian
    (manipulative users) and back up your claims with 'credible' research. PSYCHOLOGY TODAY IS NOT CREDIBLE! I don't doubt you have an interest in psychology, but you are not a psychiatric or medical professional. Please stop talking as if you were one.

    I love you, you helped me stand up to my abusive dad and showed me I had value outside of being tits on legs, which a lot of the men I dated made me feel like. You encouraged me to be a warm-blooded animal, or at least actively work to be one every day and thank you for that, truly from the bottom of my heart.
    But you cant be a big-hearted, warm-blooded animal and say the vicious things that come out of your mouth sometimes. Please, reconsider how you think and what you post. I love you and hope to see some change.

    PS sorry this is long-winded

  5. Is truth what you Said about that i am 21 years old guy and i see older women like in their 30s or more, i see them more worth and Hard to get, and i find Them more attractive because THE way they look they are soo hot for us Young guys just as you mentioned that younger guys are more hotter, THE same feeling goes to me i am like ready to do anything to stay with older women for ever! I actually have meet few Young guys like My age, but they youngest of Them was 18, anyway, So they Said that they found older women very attractive and that they felt like they were attracted to older women. And that is incredible to hear, i mean we see a lot of older guys Always chasing younger girls, so why dont we younger date older women instead? THE number would be also very equal, and single People would dicrease 😀 because everyone would have their own partner 🙂

  6. You are like my instruction book, everytime I have a relationship question I find bunch of answers here,, LOVE YOU SHALLON 💜😂😂

  7. Younger guys really are hotter, I don’t like this societal lie that women age but men don’t. Men are physically at their best at like late 20s ish

  8. It's not taboo or anything. But it shouldn't be made a motto. It just sounds predatory.

    And supporting women shouldn't be at the expense of treating men badly. I mean it's just hypocritical to whine about guys doing things and then later when you gain confidence do the same to them. That just makes you no different than them.

  9. Scientifically women mature faster then men so it’s kinda weird if ur attracted to a man a lot younger than u because they’re basically children until they reach 25

  10. I agree no stress when you don’t want children or marriage. I’m 46 and he is 33. He is very easy to deal with. I ask him questions and he gives me honest answers and is so open to doing different things in and out of the bedroom. Very refreshing

  11. Hi, I'm turning 30 this year and my boyfriend is 22. We've been together since he was 18 and honestly, it is the healthiest relationship I've ever experienced. He's so open to communicating & bettering himself and I think that part of that is because he's still really young.

  12. Age doesn't matter but true love and commitments matter. I am 29 and my beautiful wife is 53. We are so happy and blessed to have each other. We are very loyal and committed with each other. Thanks to Almighty God

  13. I restarted my studies and met this guy, he’s 11 years younger. Funny thing I thought he was 26 because he doesn’t looks like a baby or anything and he’s mature when you speak with him. We started running together and he’s nice. I kinda what to see what it could go, but it’s 11 whole years. I’m not like Kate, I don’t have a daughter or had that part already checked :/

  14. Funny how you shame older men for dating younger women, but encourage older women to date younger men. How hypocritical. Old women who date younger men are immature, they're desperately clinging onto the last remnants of their dying youth, and seek younger men to validate their desires to feel like they "still got it". Modern women these days are so afraid of getting old, they also suffer from the Peter Pan syndrome, as do a lot of old men. Hollywood has ruined humanity.

  15. So fun to date a younger guy until you realize you’re their meal ticket and they are taking advantage of your years of work and investment in yourself, and then you have their peers to compare yourself to once they drained the life force out of you and broken you down bc of their insecurity. And now the younger girls get the better man who you have helped to give wings to, now that you’ve been used up chewed up and spit out. I meeeeeean… it’s great to feel like the hot older chick who can still get the hot young guys until this happens. I’m still trying to pick myself up and dust off.

  16. I adore you! You talk about people I give ZERO fucks about, but you give good advice. So I've been binge watching and you've helped me so much I thought I should return the favor in a small way. Misnomer means when something is incorrectly named, the word you want is misconception. Not trying to police your speech, just trying to help. 🙂

  17. I almost dated one but he was a total loser with backhanded comments, etc because I said his football team was a piece of shit. I was just being honest! Now I'm scared to chase younger dude

  18. The thing about bpd is that it is extremely stigmatized. I have it, and i work really hard every Day to deal with it. And yeah i Can reconize some of the things you say when it comes to friendships, because i activley avoided Them for years. Not because i would go crazy but i just wasn’t ready still ain’t but i want to. The reason people Got so mad, it was not because of what you Said about relationships, at least not most of Them. It was more about the fact that you Said that bpd is the worst thing you Can have, and almost like people with bpd are monsters. And i think it’s important to sometimes Think about that. You May only have spoken about Pete, but you were generalising. Saying as if all of us go crazy like that. I love your videos but you are not a doctor, you may have spoken to one. Emotions Can be extremley hard to deal with and especially if you get in contact with something like Old shit that hurts. Sorry for the rant. Love you though.

  19. My girlfriends and I are 31. They like dating older guys and give me a hard time for dating a 28 year old! I needed this video. I like dating younger guys because they look as good as me. I’m sharing this.

  20. Borderlines are damaging. They will suffocate you with love..completely isolate you..set standards they refuse to live up to..constantly accuse you of cheating while they’re the ones doing everything they accuse you of doing. My ex made me nervous whenever her love bombing started bc immediately after would be the devaluing then discard. Broke up with me thousands of times. I refused to get rid of my friends this time bc she wouldn’t get rid of ppl that literally wanted to be with her and bashed me. Which resulted in her dragging me publicly with lies..contacting my friends with lies. She had 24/7 contact with me..hacked my phone and social media and NOTHING was there!! The reason is bc I don’t cheat or hide things. Cowards cheat and Iam not a coward. Now I have CPTSD smh. She did more damage to me than the army did. It sucks loving someone like that. I set a boundary and she couldn’t handle it. Now Iam healing..been two months and some days are agonizing but no contact and keeping them blocked is the only way

  21. my guy is 7y younger and this is all so true. they are definitely not as financially stable or able to provide, but like you said, unless you want kids that's not a huge issue, and even if you do, it's not a total dealbreaker if you yourself are stable, as long as you can find other ways to create that masculine-feminine polarity. he takes instruction wonderfully and is very teachable and he loves how direct i am about my needs, unlike, he says, women his own age and younger.

  22. Been there done that. Nope no more. They DO diss older women call them grandma behind their back. Young males are fickle AF and eventually get with women their ages. Demi, Madonna…

  23. I generally like shallons advice however, as a 25 year old woman, there’s not a lot of room to date younger. ALSO guys my age and younger are absolutely TERRIBLE at sex. The older men I’ve been with were able to please me in ways that a 20 year old boy just never has. Maybe I can try this out in 7 years lol.

    And last random note is that I actually find Pete Davidson attractive???? Idk why. Sue me lol.

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