adios jung hae in x kim go eun

Really lowkey hoping for a Kdrama for Jung Hae In & Kim Go Eun! Been receiving a lot of requests for this pairing~ For the nth time, love & support for their friendSHIP! Hope you liked it & please stream Tune In For Love on Netflix! 🙂

bgm: Adios – Hoody (feat. GRAY)
[Actually the lyrics are sad tho but the vocals & song yaaaaz!]

#KimGoEun #JungHaeIn #TuneInForLove
fancam/interview credits: BH ent, VLive, HAEIN_SOME_, VStar, ESCA, Jina, jtbc, KBSCoolFM, 401street, ASIA Today, supershinstudio, tothehigh, tuneinforluv (IG)


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49 Replies to “adios jung hae in x kim go eun”

  1. We need a drama of them😭. We will file complaint against K-drama if you don't reunite them😂😂.
    Please they are so pure when together.

  2. Watching this NG and Cut from the directors, Acting is not an easy job afterall.. It need patience ans hard work and perseverance..

  3. KIM Go eun is one who has some sense of humor. She is very happy person, hopefully she will find a man who will make her happy too.

  4. Kim Go Eun es siempre feliz y divertida.pero con Jun Hae In. No se mira a los ojos ni se paran tocando como con Lee Min Ho.ademas ella es fans de L M H y ahora el también está enamorado de ella .Osea la pareja perfecta.Me encanta esta pareja.

  5. Im sorry to mingo (lee min ho and kim go eun) shippers but i also ship them..they're also cute together 🥺

  6. Kim Go Eun se ve tan feliz cerca de este chico, Yo amo la pareja que hacen KGE y Lee Min Ho pero al ver esto no puedo evitar pensar que estos dos no son solo amigos, King Hae Hin dijo que ella es su novia y luego cambió de tema. En Guerrilla llega en el auto de K G E el mismo que se uso para la grabación de la secuencia de Tera Bytes en TKEM .

  7. Goodbye as well as the title esp
    I'm sorry about the fans of
    Now she's Lee Min Ho's partner ❤️
    They make a couple prettier and tenderer
    #Lee Min Ho and kin Go Eun

  8. The chemistry between JHI & KGE is as great as LMH & KGE and GY & KGE. They’re warm, Comfortable, Connected and Complement each other In & out off screen.
    Yet to see KGE with other actors especially
    Seo KangJoon
    Lee Seung Gi
    Kwak Hee Sung
    Hyun Bin
    Jo inSung

  9. Yesterday my heart skip a beat because lee min ho post an update in his Instagram on Go Eun's birthday. But this video, makes me realize that these two has the real vibe and i don't need any delusional mind to see it.

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