7 minutes with Sen. Bernie Sanders | Campaign 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) stopped by the L.A. Times office to talk with our editorial board about his run for the Democratic nomination for president.


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39 Replies to “7 minutes with Sen. Bernie Sanders | Campaign 2020”

  1. Dear editor of New York time's letters NEW LAW'S INSURANCE for a dead language words programs italy state . Do not listen and belive in that words stories , mind trap use and affect your bodie harm your life blood and colours nerves karma of hand's karma air and plant nature human bodie city of gorizia .

  2. “what’s your answer to homelessness?”
    there IS NO ANSWER. And that’s the problem. There could be eventually, but
    this question is so loaded. Did they expect him to break down government spending? wtf

  3. And to think how are mainstream media helped swift boat Bernie Sanders. Polling 10 percent higher in all swing states over Trump. Why?! did our liberal? media help do this act? Till our media begins to cover the working classes nothing will change. Ever…

  4. I feel the Democratic Party and news outlets prefer Trump over Bernie. That is a disgrace, because I think he is the best and most sincere candidate the Democrats have

  5. Thanks to the LA Times for the interview. I really like this more intimate format for evaluating candidates. These are the types of situations where you really want to know how a person conducts themselves. Glad this wasn't the typical way media companies tend to interview Bernie; Which is basically to Google all the most recent attack ads against him and just restate the attack as a question.

  6. Eh. Trump's doing a great job, so I'll be voting for him this time. In addition to the economy and record-low unemployment rates (especially for minorities), we're talking increased wages, prison reform, Right to Try, lower prescription drug prices, the list goes on and on. I also like what he's done for the pro-life movement, though I understand that's a more controversial issue.

  7. You people are being LIED to ! just to get your vote ! Burn out Bernie has been in government for 40 yrs.!!! HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO HELP AMERICANS TO MAKE. OUR LIVES BETTER! This man owns 3 homes worth millions. He NEVER created ONE JOB or owned a business. he is promising you FREE STUFF healthcare education. higher wage. Sounds good right ! But what you don't know! and he even said it He is going to raise your Taxes and he thinks it fair to take about half of what you make ! This is how he is going to pay for it! on the backs of the American taxpayers! By the way NO President has DONE MORE for the American people in my life time ! and that President is Donald J Trump! He is the ONE who is PRO American ! unlike BURN OUT Bernie who is in fact ANTI American socialist!

  8. also he is really well like abroad because he is someone who will turn the tide on right wing extremism and will bring back humanism ! trump is ruining your image as an accepting country

  9. STOP having kids until you can support them, don't expect ME to raise them, your not ENTITLED to a big family you can't feed!

  10. Reference to Bernie Sanders: Mr Sanders: You seem like a nice guy!! Plus you are a career politician, pretty much with the same message all through your career and After Researching Socialism inside and out and you proclaim your a socialist, and after listening to your plans for America and because I Have Lived all my Life in America With Freedom As do All Americans, Thus I want to remain free. Not totally Government run!!! So To Let You Know I Will not be voting for you in 2020!!! Thank You For The Socialistic Offer!!!🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🙏

  11. Americans are so gullible; a career government employee offers free services, and millennials respond by pretending he’s the Messiah. News flash to all those who don’t pay taxes: you will one day pay taxes! The media bashes him because they are scared shitless of his prospective administration, and for good reason. Tax the people who are generating the GDP, and redistribute to those who haven’t, and pretend the charity is the motivation, instead of greed. We have too many idealists and sociology majors in this country, and not enough pragmatists.

  12. Labor needs to be careful what they wish for . The Bernie Sanders values and attitudes toward labor as taught to his daughter https://vtdigger.org/2018/02/27/driscoll-stiffed-local-contractor-lost-court-case/
    he is a two faced lickspittle chin ranter they dont walk the talk in the Sanders house hold labor takes the hot carl

  13. I prefer that Yang fella. Think Bernie may be past his serviceable age for a 4 year term. I do like the sound of the things he says, but not sure he'd be the best choice for president.

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