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50 Replies to “5 Key Essentials for Mastering the Cross Dissolve Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC!”

  1. My face lights up immediately when I am Googling for a fix to a problem that I encounter and see a Justin Odisho solution to that error. Thanks again! Had been searching for a solution to the 'insufficient frames' problem for over 18 hours and finally overcame it with the fix that you provided.

  2. Hi, I'm having an issue where the dissolve snaps in different places…sometimes IN BETWEEN clips, which I actually like. But i can't seem to control it and sometimes it snaps to the end or beginning of either clip instead of in between. What am I doing wrong? Great video, thx!

  3. Thank you Justin. I am noticing a thin pink bar on some of my clips where I am using the cross dissolve. Any idea what would be causing that?

  4. Fantastic tips Justin. I use the Cross Dissolve regularly but found a few useful tips and stylistic ideas in this video to try out on some of my next videos as well as ways to counter the lack of data between the clips. Keep up the great work on the channel.

  5. Thank you so much… The problem is, whenever I add transitions, I feel it so unprofessional… lol
    I need to figure out the right way of using it…. just creativity, that's what I lack.

  6. Hey could you please tell me like
    There's a lens call anamorphic lens for iPhones
    which gives our footage look so cinematic
    but do you think as a premier pro user
    do I really need that lens
    cause I can add that cinematic look in post-production

  7. Hi Justin, quick question. what would you say is the best way to achieve a really long and smooth cross dissolve transition if the two shots you want to connect aren't long enough to ensure you have enough frames to achieve the slow interconnectedness of the shots? Great video, thanks!

  8. Are there other kinds of dissolves used in films? I swear when I watch some film trailers and they're dissolving between scenes it almost looks like they've used a vignette at the same time, in that the centre of the image is the last thing to be seen dissolving. I could be imagining it though.

  9. Justin: Along with the same Cross Dissolves applied to a Slide Show Is there a way to add different random Dissolves between Stills automatically?
    Great presentations. Would it be possible to do a tutorial on how to do Random Ken Burns effects (Automatically) to a slide Show in stead of creating each one seperatilly in the effects panel? Thanks again for all your great tutorials.

  10. Great overview of the many types of cross dissolves!
    Never even noticed the morph transition~
    Thanks for all the awesome content!

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