4 Tips to Help You Learn English – How to Learn English

In this video, I’m going to talk about how to learn English. I’ll share some tips I wish I’d known before I started studying languages. Get a study plan and advice from a certified English teacher! Learn how:

I’ll share my experience of learning different languages and teaching different students with you, and give you the most important tips which can help you to learn English, or even another language!

1. You’re not at school anymore 2:27
2. You’re never finished 6:17
3. Learning a language means changing your life 9:54
4. You’re not special 13:32

See the full version of this free English lesson here:

In this lesson you can learn:
– Different ways to study language outside of school.
– How to work with your emotions and continue improving.
– Ways to change your life to help your language studies.
– The secret to learning English (or any language)!

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37 Replies to “4 Tips to Help You Learn English – How to Learn English”

  1. Your all video are very interesting we learned a lot of English from your video thank you for making such a nice video

  2. I like the last thing you said that those who are consistent are most likely to be fluent in any language. It reminded me of a saying that water carves a rock, not because of its strength, but by its consistent drops. Thank you for your practical advise, my friend, and more power to your channel.

  3. I really enjoyed your video and agree with you 100%. I have been living and working in an English speaking county for more than 22 years and I am still learning.

  4. It was a great pleasure to listen to your story Oli and you're lucky to visit all those countries. I hope oneday l'll be a perfect English speaker just like you. Thanks a lot and see you soon.

  5. Excellence clip, Oli!! It's really inspiring me. I love learning languages such as you, and now I can speak 4 languages, one of them is English. To be a multi-language speaker, have you ever forgotten other languages while learning a new language?

  6. You are simply the best!!. Come to Malaga please… I will teach u spanish and you teach me English!!! 🙂

  7. OLI
    Oh my God! you are so smart man and you really shared me a very great life experience. I'm telling you, you inspired me!

  8. hello this is Carlos from Spain. I want to tell you I think you history is interesting for me. I would like to do something like you although I am older than you.
    may I ask you why do not try to learn spanish?

  9. I have been listerning this video many many times. Today I am listerning it again and I know that I will do it more and more. Thank you very much for such a interesting an movivating video!

  10. Before this video, I adore his accent. Now that I know (some of) his life story, I adore him, as a person. All his story are relatable though I only learn one language my entire life. His tips is very genuine and useful! Thank you❤️❤️❤️

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