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21 Replies to “20200311【HD/ENG/OFFICIAL】 LEE MIN HO "THE KING • Eternal Monarch" Teaser Version 2”

  1. Go Eun and Minho together… this has such a strong foundation, I really hope they’ll deliver 😍
    I have waited for Minho so longgg!!!! I’m so happy!!

  2. No doubt Lee Min ho is a very good actor damm expressive n passionate . Actress opposite him is a very good actress too . The same actress was acted in Goblin …now i m banking that this drama EXPLODES THE WAVES … writer of this drama is d same as Descendants of the sun , Goblin etc so her stories are top notch .

  3. Love Lee Minho, his voice, his twinkling eyes that shine when he smiles, his acting, can't wait for this !

  4. I know lee min ho's drama is always superbbbbbb…. 👌👌👌because he is superbbbbbbb…👌👌👌☺☺☺

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