2 YEARS OF BABY STORMI | with Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

ALL baby Stormi Webster’s videos posted by Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott during her second year of life. Happy Birthday Stormi!

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38 Replies to “2 YEARS OF BABY STORMI | with Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott”


  2. I wasn't the biggest fan of Kylie and I like Travis just fine, but seeing them co-parent made me think about them in a new light. I used to hate on Kylie for "romanticizing young parenthood" but then I realized, she's got the means to do it and she always did wanna be a mom. She's doing a great job and both of them are absolutely devoted to making Stormi a good person. I like how down to earth Travis' parents are even with their son being a huge celebrity, they're a very normal set of grandparents that contrast well with the big celeb Kar-Jenner family.

  3. They all soo cute!!! good thing they're rich!! As soon as they turn 18 they all Will run to court house to change their inusual names!! But they're cute kids.

  4. You are doing a great job with your baby. She’s very smart for her age. Nice to see how much you love her. ❤️

  5. maybe when stormi gets older Kylie could string all of her little rings on a necklace so she can still have them

  6. I’m really sorry to say this but Stormi still doesn’t look like Travis at all, not one feature as she is growing still nothing, maybe as she gets older we may see something… Just saying 👀

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