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27 Replies to “191123 TAEYEON 태연 – speechless 스피치리스 (Aladdin ost) 팬미팅 직캠 fancam”

  1. 팬들이 이 노래 좋아할 것 같다고 불러준 탱구 ㅠ.ㅠ
    이번에 불러주려고 노래 제대로 처음 들어봤다는데 가사 실수하는 모습까지 귀엽자너

    태연아 노래해줘서 고마워♥ 행복하쟈

  2. テヨン、声量がやっぱり最近は昔の全盛期と比べたらやけど

  3. Honestly she was really off in this song, but she belts really well. The live band was adjusting to her. She changed her pitch several times mid song.

    She has performed much better than this. Clearly at the end she herself was unhappy with her performance.

  4. 진짜 쉽게 부른다.. 진짜 잘한다ㅠ 겨울왕국도 좋지만 스피치리스가 더 개취ㅠㅜ

  5. she sang like she's in noraebang but still slay it. that's our queen. calms your tits haters. she's just playing. you'll die if she really sing it seriously.

  6. Them: Taeyeon is off-key!
    Me listening to her singing it with no worries: Damn I make the cats cry if I do that

  7. She forgot the lyrics show that she even not practice and didnt even prepare for it. But king taeyeon slayeddd it of course!!!

    Btw i love her hair style so much that kinda looks like … Idk maybe disney character? Lol hahahah

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