13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix

Combining archival footage with testimony from activists and scholars, director Ava DuVernay’s examination of the U.S. prison system looks at how the country’s history of racial inequality drives the high rate of incarceration in America.

This piercing, Oscar-nominated film won Best Documentary at the Emmys, the BAFTAs and the NAACP Image Awards.

US Rating: TV-MA For mature audiences. May not be suitable for ages 17 and under.

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13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix

Nguồn: https://collectif-du-chambon.org/

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44 Replies to “13TH | FULL FEATURE | Netflix”

  1. America: “We are the greater country on earth!”
    Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands and Germany: 👀

  2. One BIG thing that is definitely relevant is that it was "THEM", the gov't itself, that were bringing in the "Cocaine, Crack, Heroine and Marijuana, and likely even other different drugs. Look it up, the CIA were even caught with bringing in drugs. Likely the most was imported during the Clintok admin, but in reality, I would say ALL admins it was going on!!! Research……….this whole program is PROPAGANDA

  3. And whose the the real monsters,???!!! Trust not the system for it protects no one of color, but glorifies what you call justice at breaking us down

  4. I really feel sorry for the people of colour in US. As a human being I feel sad. I pray to god freedom to all the blacks and Latinos come soon.

  5. The root of all evil acts in America stems from Capitalism. Profits over humanity! At all costs. If you sign on the dotted line and sell your soul for profit, there is no going back. Even these politicians both side of the aisle, know it. They have shares in companies that are intertwined in other human rights violation practices. Why should a company make money through violating human rights. Why the interest in monitoring Black communities. “A Colony in a Nation” by Chris Hayes.

  6. One of the main reasons the US has a high prison population is that laws are enforced, unlike in some other crime-ridden nations. Don't believe it? Take a vacation in El Salvador, Philippines or the Congo Republic.

  7. the land of the "free" hahahahaha… and the worst is: there is plenty of candid people which blindly believe that the "Murica" fights for "democracy and freedom".

  8. Donald Trump has done the MOST prison reform benefiting and FREEING more black prisoners in a few years then all the Democrats put together. Tell the truth

  9. I came to watch the trailer for the 13th after seeing Ava DuVernay on Ari Melber's show on MSNBC just now and was sad to see it was only on Netflix, which i don't have. I am so happy to find that Netflix has put it on youtube for free! Thank you Netflix! Can't wait to watch this!!!

  10. I'm so glad I clicked this video. I thought I was well informed before but I quickly learned how wrong I was. Everyone should watch this. I hope with more people becoming more informed we can then learn from our past and change our future for the better, for everyone.

  11. Finally got a chance to finish this, I had a hard time watching it the first few times. Thinking about all the lives lost just because of a stereotype of certain races is mind boggling honestly it's scary. No matter how nice sweet you at of a person you can still potentially have your life stolen because of the powers that be.

  12. All I’ll say is,

    Nixon – died due to damage of the brain from a blood clot.
    Reagan- died from pneumonia
    Atwater- died from a tumour
    Bush Sr- Died from Parkinsons
    Clinton M- successfuly brought shame to his family.
    Clinton F- Will never be President

    The universe finds a way to make sure there’s no easy way out.

  13. Cant stand racism seing humans treat other humans this way is awful we are one peoples of Earth 🌍

    Alot of what i see on this is similar to the nazis way of vilification of Jewish people

  14. So currently correct. It's just sad this has come down to this but it's here I see bad coming. More than just recently worse

  15. What good does this do? Is this all we gonna do is make comments and acknowledge this shit is going on? This is about as effective as marching this solves nothing! In the meantime its business as usual! They know that this is as far as its gonna go, all we gonna do os make comments and march they know we are not gonna do what needs to be done"and thats take action by any means necessary i'm sick of talking im ready to take action, but I can't do it by myself! That's the only thing i'm afraid of the fact nobody seems to wanna ride with me i'm a warrior I AM SICK OF LIVING THIS WAY!

  16. Some white people make me sick, not all of them, but some, especially those racist one's they don't care for their own kind's just like some of our own, and that's sad,

  17. I visiting Los Angles in 1985 and in a few days I knew that it was saver to be white I was afraid for police when I was in the car with a black friend I felt this energy And I never felt this before in Amsterdam where I lived or anywhere else

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