$1000 Luxury Apartment Vietnam (Vinhomes Golden River Saigon) (Smart Home) HCMC

This is a entire tour of my new apartment and property! Enjoy !
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33 Replies to “$1000 Luxury Apartment Vietnam (Vinhomes Golden River Saigon) (Smart Home) HCMC”

  1. Wow! So so Happy for u chris and winn winn! Beautiful Apartment and Complex, awesome money value! Great Vlog! So many positive wonderful happenings that have happened for u as we follow your journey! Congratulations on your Wedding in July! We wish you both love ,happiness and success! ❤
    Hope to see your dog soon!

  2. How would you compare Golden River with Vinhome Central Park? Which one is more expensive? How much is the average Sale price at Golden River per square foot?

  3. Is it better to buy or rent the apartment in the long run? Also, is the lease Freehold or 50 years for expat who buy the apartment

  4. This is actually great value. One of my fave district in Saigon! Restaurants, sky bars, attractions, all around the corner:)

  5. Crossing the road looks really dangerous though – they don't stop at the crossings or anything. Is there a system or a trick to it?

  6. Dude that apartment in United States would be at least 2 to 3 thousand dollars for 1 bedroom a month if you're lucky. That is a really nice apartment. Wow!!!! Good content.

  7. New sub here, just an fyi for everyone: you can live like a king with $1500/month in Saigon. Also keep in mind that Saigon is the most expensive city in VN, so $500/month is doable in other cities.

  8. Mate, your videos are great. Not a lot of video content on how folks with families are able to survive there though. That would be great if you were able to suss that

  9. Where do you find your apartments in Vietnam? Do you go on a marketplace? Or is it private/with the owners of the buildings?

  10. I am Asian Californian and I don’t trust the high rises in foreign countries. They are paid pennies to construct the buildings and how often do they perform maintenance and such?!

  11. How much does it cost to buy an apartment here? How much per square meter approximately? Could you show some luxury property for sale in your new video? And also give some overview of Saigon real estate market?thanks!

  12. Hello, are you (I do not know your name) ang Wynnie married yet? When was the wedding? Or, is the wedding coming up? Anyway, congratulations to both of you on your wedding with happiness, peace, love, many children and great health. Thanks very much for your wonderful Vlogs.

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