10 Times Kylie Jenner Copied Rihanna's Fashion

Kylie Jenner Takes Inspiration From Fashion Icon Rihanna More Than Once.
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Rihanna is known as one of Hollywood’s biggest music and fashion icons, so it’s no wonder that more than one or two celebrities have copied her looks over the years. After dominating the music game, she has now made her way into the fashion and beauty industry and managed to leave a mark by building her own makeup line, Fenty, as well as a lingerie line called Savage X Fenty. And it’s definitely savage being one of the few lingerie lines that are size inclusive. But, what Rihanna does best is she exudes style and confidence wherever she goes! She’s got everyone trying to be just like Riri her. Kylie Jenner is definitely one of those celebs. Over the years, Kylie hasn’t been super subtle about using Rihanna as an inspiration for her fashion choices. It’s come to the point now that fans lash out at Kylie for straight up stealing Rihanna’s looks.

Now we know Kylie is the QUEEN of different wigs in different colors, and Rihanna is too. Her outfit choices go one step further as Kylie’s been seen wearing the exact same outfit, and just adding a color change to it. But, that’s not ALL the tea we have on the youngest Jenner copying Rihanna’s style.

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41 Replies to “10 Times Kylie Jenner Copied Rihanna's Fashion”

  1. although Kylie might have copied the outfits from Rihanna at the end of the day outfits were made to be wear by many and copied by EVERYONE I am pretty sure that everyone have that one piece of clothing that you see someone else wearing from time to time

  2. What is wrong with people she said she LOVES RHIANNA N LOVSS TO COPE HER STYLE. someone tells me ahat the heck that meN. Kylie just doing it to much 🙄 don't copy everything dang

  3. ok the bob wig and the glasses one is just so wierd like why does kylie want to hide her face with the exact same hand thats actually copy cat

  4. Honestly your just Caping Right Now Because you Did too Much Of There's And I'm Just Thinking That You Just Try to Make it look like They did Copy But its Just Called * Clothing * So Yea Clothing Doesn't Have a Gender Or A Copy🤗

  5. They both beautiful and successful.And they can afford anything they want.At least she did not steal clothe from queen Riri.It shows that she is also a fan of Queen Riri.

  6. reversible camo copycat
    Talko: says it was so popular among the celebrities and many of them owned it
    Riri : owns one and wears it
    Kylie : buys and wears it
    Riri fans – OMG!!! kylie copied it!!!
    I mean what its popular among the celebrities so everyone buys maybe another celebrity bought one before Rihanna did does this mean riri also copied?!!?
    Explain riri fans?

  7. 9:30 really threw me off, in that logic, i guess wearing a corset is automatically copying rihanna.

  8. It can be slightly similar.. Its not called copying.. You guys are so illogical, you need to research atleast before you guys post such shits. waste of time

  9. Oh no she’s totally copying Rihanna—obvious signs 😂 Kylie is a fucking Billionaire she can get her own style.

  10. Well yes we all know that Rihanna is a fashion icon and she’s an inspiration to most of us, but I gotta say Kylie is a little too obsessed with her looks

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