10 Reasons North Koreans Believe Kim Jong-un Is A GOD

North Korea has many secrets, rumors, and bizarre stories. It can be hard to sort facts from fiction, but what we know is that Kim Jong Un, is a unique and interesting person, to say the least.

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35 Replies to “10 Reasons North Koreans Believe Kim Jong-un Is A GOD”

  1. He didn't have an obsession with Dennis rodman. He has obsession with basketball. And Michael Jordan was his first choice he said no. So he asked rodman who said yes.

  2. Kim jong is not the most Handsomest man alive, hes the most hazardous Man alive

  3. Let me get this straight, north koreans believe Jong-Il was born the same as Jesus?
    What now? Is his mother is the same as Mary? mother of "mercy"?

  4. 7:46
    Someone explain the looks on the faces of the children- I mean like if I seen a celebrity I liked I would react like that in a somewhat way but why some look genuinely sad-

  5. Well I don't like bacon because it's swine meat and swines are filthy animals. You won't call your friend or relative or even the great leader a swine as a compliment and get out of that room safely

  6. a burger the most american thing to ever excist except from guns is a traditional dish to a country that hates america. The irony here

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