007 Reasons Why Marketing Needs a License to Sell

Mark Fidelman’s presentation on marketing’s role in the future. He covers:

1. Democratized digital mediums
2. Driverless cars
3. Smart pants
4. Mobile payments
5. Artificial intelligence
6. Machine to machine internet of things
7. Campaign integrations with influencers

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My History – I couldn’t get anyone to cover the companies I worked for, then starting writing my own blog – Forbes
Then I started using technology to hack my way to success.
Then I had the vision to apply what I knew worked to my client’s projects
I’m terrible at a lot of things, but I like to think I’m pretty good at marketing

I’m concerned that many people in this room and many CIO’s and CMO’s around the world are grossly underestimating the culture shift occurring on the internet.

The amount of attention being spent on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, vine is unsurpassed.
And if you don’t understand that mobile is the future of B2B and B2C engagement with your customers you’re going to lose in the future.
Sorry, it’s true.

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12 Replies to “007 Reasons Why Marketing Needs a License to Sell”

  1. There is a new cultural shift where the medium is the message and we just need to adapt to the new technology and move on…

  2. Great, thought provoking material. There is no escaping the fact that change is accelerating, If you're not onboard you'll just disappear in a cloud of irrelevance.

  3. There is a culture shift. I agree with that. What we have to do as marketers we have to be device agnostic with our content, delivered on the channels where our audience is and on the device of their choice.

  4. AI has already impacted us from weather forecasts, and Google’s search predictions even Apple’s Siri, Machine-learning algorithms that enable them to react and respond in real time can be an exiting thought indeed!

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