【TVPP】EXO – CALL ME BABY, 엑소 – 콜 미 베이비 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live

【TVPP】EXO – CALL ME BABY, 엑소 – 콜 미 베이비 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live

EXO #114 : EXO – CALL ME BABY at Show Music core Comeback Stage 20150404

EXO SUHO, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., KAI, Sehun (EXO-K), Xiumin, Chen, Ray, TAO (EXO-M)
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26 Replies to “【TVPP】EXO – CALL ME BABY, 엑소 – 콜 미 베이비 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live”

  1. 오빠들 소년미 쩔었었었네……
    내 마음속에 언제나 콜미베이비, 중독, 으르렁
    이 세가지가 존재해…

  2. My Chanbaek heart is ummm kind of happy coz of this video. Noticed that they wore shirts with letter B and letter C? Tho the thing is, they have the letter that corresponds to the other person's name. Baekhyun has the letter C. While Chanyeol has the letter B. Coincidence?? Hmm I'll let you guys decide *wink*

  3. Call Me Baby is D.O.'s era. His facial expressions got more swag, hid singing has swag and the best of all, his dancing got more swag too. Right now he's more laidback and is just focusing more on his singing parts. Don't get me wrong, I still love the way he is now.

    I'm assuming that sasaeng encounter is one of the reasons why he changed. If it is true, then meh hope she gets the karma that she deserves.

  4. I saw bts version of their bridge in blood sweat and tears
    But its nothing compare to EXOs bridge…
    Thats why i fell in love to exo in just 10 seconds because of how they put some twist in their vocal lines…

  5. 콜베 멤버들 킬포가 한두군데가 아니지만 3:11 여기는 디오 종인이 둘한테 정말 치인다 치여…

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