【TVPP】 Jonghyun(CNBLUE) – Kiss on the cheek , 종현(씨엔블루) – 애프터 파티 볼 뽀뽀 @ We Got Married

【TVPP】 Jonghyun(CNBLUE) – Kiss on the cheek , 종현(씨엔블루) – 애프터 파티 볼 뽀뽀 @ We Got Married

CNBLUE #196 : Jonghyun and Seungyeon had an after wedding party. Jonghyun kissed on Seungyeon’s Cheek @ We Got Married 20150725

CNBLUE : Jung Yonghwa(Leader, Guitar, Main Vocal, Rap) Lee Jonghyun(Guitar, Vocal), Kang Minhyuk (Drum), Lee Jungshin (Bass, Rap)
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40 Replies to “【TVPP】 Jonghyun(CNBLUE) – Kiss on the cheek , 종현(씨엔블루) – 애프터 파티 볼 뽀뽀 @ We Got Married”

  1. I didn't mean to hurt anyone but this is wrong you are doing fake shoes where you use script and use fake couple concept to gain viewers this is bad rather doing that you can use real couple concept which doesn't hurt viewers by fake couple you are not considering viewers feeling…. Same goes to almost shoes in Korea where they make script they make children's to play in that role I think you should stop that because it will cause emotional impact on children's later days.

  2. Look at 3.43 to 3.47 …. Uffff her reaction are so natural and that she couldn't come back to reality… She is blushing………

  3. How have you been jong hyun.. we really hope to see you back on stage.. their is no news about you since yo've discharge from military..

  4. 이거 그때도 말 많았었는데 종현이 승연 초반엔 좋아하다가 확 식은거같다고 그땐 쟤 이미지가 좋아서 묻혔는데 사람 인성…어디 안가나봄..

  5. I know all about the scandal,,,but i still wanna see good things in him,cuz everyone have their bad/good side..And if the girl isn't gonna comfortable about him,she can say no before accepting this show..She accept it with knowing everything,so,don't point everything to Jonghyun,,,,,even i still don't comfortable about the way he look to this girl,his eyes look abit pervert, but if he is not Jonghyun will i think that way!?if his not Jonghyun will i love it and want him too!?..So,think about all this b4 u judge him

  6. I’ll never look at him without thinking about the scandal but a piece of me still hope that he was genuine, at least with her. They were my best wgm couple.

  7. Lee Jong-hyun was young then. Who does not make mistakes once in your life time, raise up your hand. Boys hate girls and nevertheless girls hate boys too a moment in time. Just fortunately some not get caught hiding behind the screen. I feel sad for him but he is forever a gem of stage and silver screen. A talented songwriter-singer, lead guitarist and a talented actor. A great entertainer, handsome dreamy romantic eyes idol. Take care Lee Jong-hyun. Stay safe, strong and healthy. May God bless you always.

  8. oh my god..

    (ene bur yg bawlaa2 xD
    emgtei huntei untaagui udtsan +ene ohin n aimr taalagdaad,
    is he even falling in love~ (ugasa aimr kawaii ohin benee yna.. argagui2)

  9. Stop saying that seungyeon must be disgusted by jonghyun. If she felt something she could have said it already, she had the opportunity to give her statements. Obviously jonghyun never did anything to her. So saying that seungyeon must be disturbed by him is wrong.

  10. i’m sorry but I just can’t look at Jonghyun the same way I used to ☹️😐 especially in this TV show, it kind of creep me out☹️😐

  11. Actually I feel that people make mistakes and nobody is above mistakes… so he made his own mistake and it has passed please dont judge him based on that… no matter what I love you jonghyun oppa…and I love the chemistry between them…..they are so cute🥺

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