【SUB】E01: LAY is here! 张艺兴VS GAI正面交锋 “CZR 2” 《我是唱作人2 》| iQIYI

“CZR 2” is trending on iQIYI now with different subtitles!
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“我是唱作人2” 正在爱奇艺热播中,每周四更新一期~欢迎大家下载登录爱奇艺海外版app,一起多语言字幕观看!

Synopsis: Tens of original works have never entered the public domain but will give their debut on one stage. 101 real-name public judges! This is an all-new online entertainment program created by iQIYI – CZR2!

#LayZhang #张艺兴
#GAI #周延
#ChenLi #陈粒
#ZhengJun #郑钧
#HenryHuo #霍尊
#MaDi #马頔
#LepnosLiu #刘思鉴
#iQIYI #我是唱作人2 #CZR2

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20 Replies to “【SUB】E01: LAY is here! 张艺兴VS GAI正面交锋 “CZR 2” 《我是唱作人2 》| iQIYI”

  1. Seeing Lay sitting like that in their demo hall broke my heart. This healing unicorn of ours looks so lonely and sad I want him to find someone with whom he can share his thoughts without hesitating it's painful to see him like this😭😭

  2. 11 mins in and I love Madi! YIXING I LOVE YOU MOST BUT MADI IS IN THE LIST NOW 😂😂😂😂

  3. Chen Li is such a talented singer and composer. She is the singer of Flammable and Explosive from Youth with you 2 in case no one knew. She needs to get more recognition!!!

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